Soft Landing Bridge to be built between Taiwan and Utrecht

On Friday October 23, a successful fourth Taiwan Business Day in the Netherlands took place in the municipality of Utrecht. In the presence of his excellency Mr. Tom Chou, Taipei Representative to The Netherlands, and the  mayor of Utrecht mr. Jan van Zanen, a Letter of Intent was signed between the municipality of Utrecht and […]

Utrecht en Taiwan zetten eerste stap naar Soft Landing Bridge

30 oktober 2015 Op vrijdag 23 oktober heeft de vierde editie van de Taiwan Business Day plaatsgevonden, dit jaar voor het eerst in Utrecht. Onder toeziend oog van de heer Tom Chou, vertegenwoordiger van Tapei in Nederland, en de burgemeester van Utrecht, de heer Jan van Zanen, is er een intentieverklaring ondertekend door de gemeente […]

Pitch Road Show in UK for Taiwanese Startups

英國Pitch Road Show行程規劃 資策會為台灣中小企業舉辦“英國Pitch Road Show”包括大師談話等,協助中小企業更成功地取得國際創業的資金,服務等。 資策會提供2名免費名額(但是來回英國倫敦的交通費和食宿必須自付)給台灣留學生參加。若願恴參加者,就可以來這些單位一起參與學習,以及pitch的機會! 可自行上網登記。   英國活動規劃(10月24日-28日) 日期 時間 活動 地址 10/25(日) 10:00~18:30 英國創業聚落考察 10/26(一) 09:30~12:00 參訪Google Campus London M / N 4-5 Bonhill Street London EC2A 4BX 12:30~14:30 Networking LunchN 14:30~17:00 參訪The Bakery P / N 5th Floor, 230 City Road, London, EC1V 2TT 18:30~19:30 Google Campus課程分享:Crafting Visual Stories with […]

Product Design Guru

Culture By POLLY PENG Publication Date: October 1, 2015 Source: Taiwan Review Hsieh uses advanced coloring and shading technologies to enhance the aesthetic appeal of products. (Photo courtesy of Gixia Group) Acclaimed industrial designer Hsieh Jung-ya wants to change the way people live. Hsieh Jung-ya (謝榮雅) understands what it takes to turn a clever innovation […]

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