Brace yourself: World’s first All in One ATX game PC !

Brace yourself: World’s first All in One ATX game PC !

At Computex Taipei (June 4-8), AIO Corporation will introduce a revolutionary ATX game solution for the hardcore PC gamers – the DRN-STN (a.k.a. Drone Station).
Not only has this machine the flexibility of the ATX form factor, it also integrates a 24″ Full HD screen.
Robustly constructed exterior, sturdy hand grips, frontal cockpit design are some of the many features that DRN-STN encompasses.
An All in One that lives up to all military standards.

With this masterpiece…
Building a dream system is no longer a “dream”.
A game will no longer be just a game.
Its a real life experience in the combat zone!

DRN-STN: Designed and developed in Holland
Specification Motherboard form factor: ATX, μATX

Add-on cards: 7 x Full size (upper 3 slots up to 425mm long,
lower 4 slots up to 285mm long)

Power supply unit: ATX / PS2 (at bottom position of chassis)

Bays: 8 x 3.5” internal
1 x 2.5” internal
2 x 5.25” external (up to 219 mm deep including connectors)

User interface (front-side): 2 x USB3.0
2 x USB2.0 (optional: upgrade to USB3.0)
Microphone 3.5 mm
HD audio 3.5 mm
Power button
Reset button
Buttons LED back-light color: White (optional: Blue or Green or Online Casino Red)
2 x integrated fan-speed controllers (3 steps: 100%, 66% and 38%)

Back-side connectors: 1 x C14 (main power)
1 x RJ45 (LAN)

System cooling: Left side 3 x 12 cm fans (air in, fans included)
Top side 2 x 12 cm fans (air out, fans included)
Right side 3 x 12 cm fans (air out, fans included)
Optional fans: Chassis air in 2 x 12 cm fans (extra, not included), Chassis air out 1 x 12 cm fan (extra, not included), Replacing 2 x 12 cm topside fans by 2 x 14 cm fans (not included)

Product size: 656 x 362 x 576 mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 17.6 kg (without: Packaging, PC components)

Chassis material: Steel (SPCC, Powder-coated black)_
Aluminium (optional)

Chassis metal thickness: 0.6 mm

Chassis size: 460 x 195 x 430 mm (L x W x H)

Tool-less mounting: HDD’s, Add-on cards, Rear-cover

Features: Rear window
Integrated easy-carry handles
Quick access to PC components (4 x butterfly latches)
Buttons LED back-light automatic dim after use
Permanent wire access to motherboard i/o-shield
Kensington lock slot (at chassis)
Dust filter (optional)
Chassis quickly removable from housing for easy assembly!

Available colors: Gunmetal Grey, Arctic White, Stealth Black, Ambush Green
Certifications RoHS, CE Awards Launched Year 2013

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