SAVE THE DATE: STRATEGY DAY WORKSHOP, January 15th, 2019 @ Taipei Co-Space



Date: Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

Time: 9:00 -17:00

Venue: Taipei Co-Space 臺創新實驗室2F會議室!

114 臺北市內湖區洲街12號2 號

Organizer: Tiger Accelerator

Co-organizer: Taiwan Globalization Network-TGN

Program introduction:

WHY and HOW to conquer Europe!


  • The potential for Taiwan in Europe, Taiwan’s unique advantage vs other Asian Countries”
  • Fundamentals BEFORE entering Europe and must have’s in terms of presentation of any Taiwanese products or

services  “

  • Strategy Workshop:”
  • Pre-work assignment for an initial evaluation (Q&A and you present your product and services for judgment)-Get immediate feedback!”


  • The theory with the Taiwanese case study on “How to create winning strategies and build world-class brands and


  • Cases How to double sales and beat competition, how to win the price war with sustainable ROI”
  • How to conquer the hearts of consumers with smart and practical tools that you can use daily “
  • WORK on your own cases to develop your strategy, communication and ACTIONABLE work-packages”
  • Pitch back for judgment and improvement


Keynote Speaker:

Nelson Farfan Espada, Managing Director & Founder ZTARKBOND and SUMMIT OF WINNERS

JJ Jan, Managing Director & Founder


Target Audience:

Ready to market startup scale-up

Taiwanese startup / scale-up brands

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