Internationalization Readiness Scan

Companies expanding their business in a new country need to have access to quality business consultants at a reasonable price. Our Internationalization Consultants have all agreed to contribute a minimum of one hour of their time free of charge to provide a basic evaluation of a company’s plans. In this way, TGN can offer a superior, low cost package of basic information to qualified companies, which will start you off. This unique package is tailor-made for each company, and includes:

  • A review of the company’s products and technology to assess its potential;
  • An analysis of the company’s capability to enter a new market;
  • Analysis of the Team’s abilities;
  • Comparison of forms of internationalization, distribution, joint venture, foreign investment;
  • Potential investment agency support;
  • Funding readiness;

After using this service, you will have a clearer picture of the requirements and potential for your business expansion abroad.

Tiger Accelerator: Fast Track Europe program

TGN has set up a fast track program called ‘Tiger Accelerator’ for Asian entrepreneurs to succeed in Europe. The program is run yearly and achieves in less than six months what otherwise would take 2 years, at considerable lower costs.

The program helps through an agile approach to Design an entry strategy, build the necessary partnerships and launch the venture on the European market.

Each year ambitious entrepreneurs in Asia are called upon to apply for a sector focus fast track program. Selected entrepreneurs are supported with the intense program to succeed fast.

More information:

Funding for Expansion program

In cooperation with BAC and BAE this program achieves access to European Investors to fund expansion in Europe for Asian entrepreneurs. This program is run every quarter under the Tiger Accelerator banner. Apply HERE for the next round of ‘Pitching for Expansion’.

Access to European Healthcare Market

In cooperation with WEMA connect, TGN offers Asian entrepreneurs specialised support for Healthcare entrepreneurs seeking to expand their market into the huge European market. Check out this FLYER for more information.