AI in Health: Startup Innovation from Taiwan & the Netherlands

What can AI-in-Health innovators, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders from Taiwan & the Netherlands do for each other? This webinar will seek to make a start in answering this compelling question.  On September 28, 2021, startups, corporates & KOLs in the AI-in-Health sector from Taiwan & the Netherlands will come together in an online conference, and share their knowledge on the latest developments in the field. 

WeScale Challenge 2021

The WeScale Challenge is an annual pitch competition for startups interested in international expansion via Taiwan & the Netherlands. Each year, the winning startups are awarded with business resources to kickstart their business expansion plan.

Taiwan Business Day 2021

Taiwan Business Day (TBD) is an annual event organized by Taiwan Globalization Network (TGN) & its partners since 2012, aiming to connect business opportunities and entrepreneurial ecosystems between Taiwan and the Netherlands. The event includes presentations from relevant business leaders, as well as opportunities for stakeholders from both geographies to showcase their portfolio and network with potential partners.