Internationalization Readiness Scan

Companies expanding their business in a new country need to have access to quality business consultants at a reasonable price. Our Internationalization Consultants have all agreed to contribute a minimum of one hour of their time free of charge to provide a basic evaluation of a company’s plans. In this way, TGN can offer a superior, low cost package of basic information to qualified companies, which will start you off. This unique package is tailor-made for each company, and includes:

  • A review of the company’s products and technology to assess its potential;
  • An analysis of the company’s capability to enter a new market;
  • Analysis of the Team’s abilities;
  • Comparison of forms of internationalization, distribution, joint venture, foreign investment;
  • Potential investment agency support;
  • Funding readiness;

After using this service, you will have a clearer picture of the requirements and potential for your business expansion abroad.

Matchmaking Program

We are living in an age of alliances, due to companies’ needs to access expertise and to share costs. There are also global drivers to increase our productivity and focus on our core competencies. Eventually sharing knowledge through matchmaking can increase the efficiency of small companies and help to develop their innovative capacity.

It has been said that the best technology in the world has no value unless it can be placed at the right time in the customers’ hands and in an easy-to-use form. Moving an idea from a concept in your mind, through a process of product development, and then to the market, is the goal of technology transfer. It requires cooperation and coordination among many individuals and partners, and matchmaking programs can support this process along the way.

Through our matchmaking program and personal contacts, the Taiwan Globalization Network seeks to support the development of competent partnerships. We have a special focus on being the organization that helps improve relationships within a collaborative undertaking. The ‘people’ issues are of much more importance than the technology (as we know!) in terms of making it a success. Types of issues that we can support you and advise you on include:

  • Why to get involved in collaboration and why not;
  • Selecting partners;
  • Tricks of the trade to improve the relationships and manage the partnership;
  • Managing the international team.

Should you wish to look for a partner or participate in matchmaking, please fill in the Intake Form, we will contact you personally, and immediately start a search for possible partners that fit your requirements.


Blended Incubation

If  you decide to go ahead with your business expansion in cooperation wit TGN, we can offer you ‘Blended Incubation’, a combination of online support and localized incubation. With this service, it is possible for a company to have a corporate address in Europe or Asia for the first year of operation to get their business up and running without having to be physically present all of the time. During this period, you can continue your market research and develop your business leads, while having a business address in proximity to your customers and potential clients. Aditionally you can draw from our advanced network of support organizations and consultants to turn your international venture into a success through for instance:

  • A soft-landing program for qualified participating companies
  • Business mentoring
  • Introductions to key service providers;
  • Advice on localization of products;
  • Subsidy opportunities;
  • Banking and financing information;
  • Venture capital network;
  • Tax information, financial and legal advice;
  • Cross-cultural advice, and
  • Other business support (please refer to intake form), etc.

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