About TGN

The Taiwan Globalization Network is your partner for success! Let us help to make your business expansion strategies between Europe and Asia a reality!

According to a recent study funded by the European Union, there is a direct link between the international expansion of small and medium enterprises (SME’s), and increased business growth. The Taiwan Globalization Network facilitates your internationalization dream by helping to make it more feasible and cost effective. The European market is one of the most important in the world in terms of wealth of purchasing power.  Taiwanese companies can access this market and develop their technological advantage by finding the right partners and support to launch their European business. Likewise, accessing the huge developing Asian markets can be facilitated through our support networks in Taiwan. Even if you are a small, start-up company, we can help to jump-start your business expansion worldwide.We are excited about the potential for Taiwanese companies to expand in Europe, and we also want to help European businesses get to know how dynamic Taiwan is!

Our vision

Our vision is of a world where original ideas and innovation are supported and maintained, continuously, and day after day. It’s a world where small and medium-sized companies can have the courage and knowledge to dare to explore new markets, and if the time and circumstances are right, expand their business abroad. It’s a world where SME’s can easily find almost all the information that they need at their fingertips to learn about growing their company internationally. Finally, it’s a world where service providers are aware of, and in tune with, the needs of small and medium-sized companies, and have special support packages to help them.

Our objectives

We believe that by helping companies find good business partners who are knowledgeable and supportive, SMEs will be able to successfully enter new markets, and our daily lives will be improved by the new technologies that they bring with them. We enable you to speed up the ‘deal flow’ and bring them faster to the market.

Our core values

We want to see more startup and innovative businesses ‘test the waters’, and explore other markets, promoting and developing the internationalization deal-flow between Taiwan and The Netherlands. TGN has a global view of what is happening in SME innovation between Asia and Europe. As the specialized Asia/Europe SME business development platform, we have distinct knowledge and skills that set us apart.  Our collaboration with partners in both The Netherlands and Taiwan helps to provide a wide range of services that are available to companies looking to expand their business abroad. Our core values are summarized as below:

  • Providing helpful and useful information geared specifically to innovative SME’s that want to internationalize their business;
  • Raising the profile of the needs of SME’s and developing programs and packages which fit their needs;
  • Informing Taiwanese companies about Netherlands/Europe, and European companies about Taiwan;
  • Bringing Taiwanese and European companies in touch with each other for their mutual benefit;
  • Sharing and collaborating with our strategic partners to do things we could not do on our own, in order to make best use of our ‘critical mass’ and international connections for the benefit of SME’s;
  • Finding ways to accomplish our work by bringing parties together in order to make it a win-win situation for everyone.