Taiwan Maker Group participating in Campus Party 2016 Netherlands

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Campus Party #CPEU4: May 25-29 / 2016 | Jaarbeurs, Utrecht. The Netherlands

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Taiwan Maker Group is present at Campus Party 2016 in which start-ups, scale-ups, makers, students, institutes and corporates will be participating. The Maker Group will setup rapid prototyping facilities at Taiwan Maker Symphony” beside the Maker Space in Jaarbeurs. With the help of Campus Party 2016, Economic Board Utrecht (EBU) and Utrecht City in Business, Taiwan Globalization Network (TGN) was able to attract  a large delegation from the maker movement in Taiwan that can be assisting talented people at the Campus Party with prototyping support.

Take a quick look of 3D blueprint of our TAIWAN MAKER SYMPHONY, which is situated at Makerspace–hall 1

TAIWAN MAKER SYMPHONY offers daily education and demo programs to share our great experiences in assembling CNC machines, and learning CAD & CAM! Eventually, you may make the big machines in factories into the small machines at desktop size! Besides, you may enjoy Taiwanese bubble teas and food as part of our culture demos!

Daily education and demo programs

Location: TAIWAN MAKER SYMPHONY (Makerspace – hall 1, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht)

Date and time:

Wednesday 25 May, 2016 –                           16:30-17:00

Thursday     26 May, 2016 –  12:00-12:30;  16:30-17:00;  19:30-20:00

Friday           27 May, 2016 –  12:00-12:30;  16:30-17:00;  19:30-20:00

Saturday       28 May, 2016 –  12:00-12:30;  16:30-17:00;  19:30-20:00


Delegation members:

  1. Julio Lin – ITRI TRIPLE (Taiwan Rapid Innovation Prototyping League for Entrepreneurs) TRIPLE
  2. Alex, Chin Yang Lee – Regional Industry Service Division/ Commercialization and Industry Service Center Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
  3. Rose Tsai-Ya Lai, RN, MPH, PhD, Business Director, ITRI Western Europe Office, Managing Director, Stichting Eindhoven -HTC office, ITRI
  4. Cherry Hung – Institute for Information Industry (III)
  5. Wilson Ko – Institute for Information Industry (III)
  6. Chia-Ching Seng – CEO from VCOOL
  7. Nai-Yuan Liang – COO from InforCharge
  8. Ke-yang Sun – Enoborder CO.,LTD (KUAS Incubator, Gather PJ International Start-Up Cluster)
  9. To-An Ting – Zhiyu CO. LTD (KUAS Incubator, Gather PJ International Start-Up Cluster)
  10. Feng-Meng Chen – Zhiyu CO. LTD (KUAS Incubator, Gather PJ International Start-Up Cluster)
  11. Kevin Lai – ORDEN Dynamic Corporation; General Manager Axis CNC Applications provider, Integrated Product Design 賴勇宇- 歐登精密科技, 總經理
  12. Yuan-San Huang – Taoyuan Maker Space Project Manager, associated with Tao-Yuan city government Youth bureau. 黃源森- 桃園市青年事務局所屬的 Maker Space 青年指揮部; 專案經理
    (All the people below are partners with Taoyuan Maker Space Project.)
  13.  Sheng-Kuan Lai – IGtech Works. EE RD, Maker, Founder of Maker Association Taoyuan low temperature cooking 賴聲寬 – 整合科技公司 負責人 桃園自造者協會 會長
  14. Su-Yuan Yaw – Maker Association Taoyuan, MAT human interaction with robot 姚舒嚴 – 桃園自造者協會 中原大學資訊工程系 碩士班
  15. Chin-Hsiang Pan – Maker, Maker Association Taoyuan 潘致翔 – 桃園自造者協會
  16. Luke Lai – SmartVision Co. R&D Dept. Section Manager 賴建丞 – 創視紀科技, 研發部軟體課課長
  17. Yun-En Yang – Maker Association Taoyuan 楊昀恩 – 桃園自造者協會
  18. Cheng Ching-Ming – PAN MEDIA 鄭景名 – 泛科知識科技公司專案經理,專長是新媒體營運、社群營運ltd.                                                                                                                                                                                                         (TGN volunteers & board)
  19. Jimmy Tseng – Co-founder of a French company Enjoy Your Stay SAS, TGN Mentor
  20. Pim de Bokx – TGN Board Member
  21. Dick Lu – TGN Board Member
  22. Valerie Hsu – TGN Director
  23. Cheng Hung Lu – TGN (volunteer to support Maker Association Taoyuan)
  24. Colette Wei – TGN (volunteer)
  25. Benjamin Lu – TGN (volunteer)
  26. Philippe Verstuyft – TGN (volunteer)
  27. Fenshu Wu – TGN (volunteer)

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