Congratulations! Brain Navi Biotechnology wins BioSpectrum Asia Startup of the Year Award 2022

Brain Navi Biotechnology, RAPID-Health & AI Spring 2020 alumni, wins BioSpectrum Asia Startup of the Year Award 2022- Special Jury Recognition!

Asia has, indeed, become the new hub for potential growth and innovation, with no signs of losing steam. To appreciate the Asian companies and individuals for their commendable performance and achievements during Calendar Year (CY) 2021, BioSpectrum Asia Excellence Awards 2022 ceremony was held at Lavender Ball Room, Hotel Fort Canning in Singapore on December 2, 2022, and Taiwan-based Brain Navi Biotechnology received Startup of the Year Award 2022- Special Jury Recognition.

Brain Navi Biotechnology, founded in 2015, is located in Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park in Taiwan. It is mainly focused on designing and developing medical devices that can assist surgeons during their medico-surgical interventions. The startup has to its credit the establishment of the first autonomous neurosurgical navigation robot NaoTrac. 

Surgeons can choose the surgery pathway with a 3D vision for precise anatomical location during the pre-operating planning preparation and monitor the robot during the entire procedure. The unique navigation procedure allows the surgeon to plan and let surgical navigation act as an assistant. This robotic technology is based on a SMART (Surface Mapping Auto-Registration Technology) platform, and is patented by Brain Navi Biotechnology. For more