Bio @ Taipei is online and shares the link with TGN!

Bio @ Taipei is online and share the link with TGN!

The biotech industry not only offers substantial benefits derived from the new biotechnology to mankind, but also plays an important role in the national economic growth. However, the development of biotech companies depends on intensive and concerted inputs of knowledge and capital, and needs ample time for company growth which requires various outside resources and assistances. In the following, we hope our website guests will realize that:

“Keep an open mind, and someone will surely offer me substantial assistance on industry information or company management.”

“On the long and tortuous road, many biotech talents have shed sweats and are steadily marching toward remarkable success.”

“Persistent effort will lead to firm standing.”

Although the evolution and changes in the development of Taiwan’s biotech industry over the last 15 years or so have been unfathomable, to those who dedicate themselves to Taiwan’s economic growth and industrial development, a magnificent venture has just begun.

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