RAPID Health Fall 2020: Connecting medtech innovations in Taiwan and the Netherlands

RAPID Health is an accelerator program aiming to connect innovative Taiwanese medical technology companies with the healthtech organizations and institutions in Utrecht Region, the Netherlands. Since 2015, Economic Board Utrecht has worked with Taiwan Globalization Network (TGN) to create a soft-landing bridge for Taiwanese medtech companies to develop their businesses in the Netherlands and Europe via the Utrecht region. Following this initiative, the RAPID Health program was introduced in 2019, in cooperation with the MOST Vision Program managed by Biomedical Ecosystem development office (BEST), an office belonging to STPI of Narlabs. Since the RAPID Health program’s initiation, it has introduced 21 companies into Utrecht’s robust medtech entrepreneurial network, connecting the Taiwanese biomedical industry’s innovation ecosystem with European investors, European business partners, and European markets.

During the 2020 Fall edition of RAPID Health, BEST office selected nine excellent and high-potential Taiwanese startups to attend the program. These companies include:

Targetrust Biotech. Ltd. — Based on the world’s first invention of the “Tumor Signal – Liquid Biopsy” method (assaying tumor signal transduction activity in blood), Targetrust Biotech. Ltd. is commercializing the DxSure reagent for early, real-time, sensitive, and cost-saving monitoring of the therapy resistance of all cancer types and all therapy methods such as targeted therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiation therapy.

iMedtac — A company focusing on building the next generation of integrated care platform with the newest technology of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), so doctors, nurses and patients can use the cloud service platform to provide the best quality of comprehensive care and instant multiple-party communication.

Soteria Biotech — A software developer and a forerunner in sleep technology. Its innovative software solution brings transformation to OSA diagnosis and treatment.

MedFluid — A company committed to developing microfluidic platforms for rapid detection tools of disease diagnosis and precision medical treatment to improve the health and well-being of patients. MedFluid provides fully automated, fast, and portable pneumatic microfluidic platforms to perform in vitro diagnosis for aqueous samples. MedFluid strives to be the new global rising star for developing microfluidic biomedical detection technology, providing thorough and personalized precision medical treatment.

Advanced Biomedical Technology Inc. (ABT) — A company focused on medical-grade biodegradable 3D printing materials, and also provides contract manufacturing service of medical implants to customers. Through its proprietary raw materials manufacturing technology platform and medical devices ODM/OEM platform, ABT focuses on providing comprehensive medical implant OEM/ODM service for all kinds of customers who are devoted to customized medical 3D printing applications.

Instant NanoBiosensors (INB) — INB has developed the Light-Sensing Biomarker Analyzer which adopts the world’s first Fiber Optic Particle Plasmon Resonance (FOPPR) technology. By combining novel biomarkers with a cutting-edge biosensing platform, INB aspires to completely revolutionize traditional immunoassays and analyses for a more efficient healthcare ecosystem.

Manysmart Therapeutics — A company exploring the potential of CD16-bispecific T cell engager to realize the full-power of T cell therapy, which has become an important measure to treat cancer and viral disease.

GEcoll — A company focusing on precision medicine for the aging society. The first product is a tumor organoid culture system supported with in-house developed humanized extra-cellular matrix proteins. This tumor organoid culture system can be applied to both high throughput and personal drug screening. The core value of GEcoll is not just producing large size biomaterials for precision medical application but cooperating with partners to develop new medical devices.

i-Navi Biomedical Inc — A company specialized in developing image-assisted/robotic surgical navigation systems for neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery. The system has been tested and validated at Taiwan’s Cathy General Hospital and intergrates new technologies such as AI, AR/MR. The medical images based system for spine and brain surgery enables surgeons to accurately and efficiently position surgical instruments and implants during operations. Furthermore, it can significantly reduce X-ray radiation exposure, improve positioning accuracy and surgical risk, and even reduce operation time.

Video conference between RAPID Health Fall 2020 participants and organizers in Utrecht.

Programs such as RAPID Health not only support the international visions of participating companies, but also contribute to facilitating business cooperations between Taiwan and the Netherlands. In the 21st century, Taiwanese companies have played key roles as technology and manufacturing partners to successful international businesses such as Tesla and Apple. Similar collaborations can be achieved between innovative Taiwanese tech firms and stakeholders in the Netherlands. The Taiwan Business Association in the Netherlands Innovation Committee was set up in August 2020 to assist and foster such collaborations. Representing 13 subsidiaries of public listed companies from Taiwan, as well as local companies and advisors in the Netherlands, the Innovation Committee will contribute to creating a welcoming and productive business circle between the two ecosystems.

Those interested in connecting with the nine RAPID Health Fall 2020 participants as well as learning more about the achievments of RAPID Health alumni are welcome to participate in RAPID-Health Day, an online event organized on November 4, 8:00 – 9:00 CET. RAPID-Health Day is a part of Taiwan Innovation Fair & Share: a month-long on- and offline conference taking place between October 7 and November 6. The conference highlights Taiwanese technology, innovations, and business opportunities. International stakeholders are welcome to sign up to connect with representatives from over 100 innovative Taiwanese firms in an online exhibition hall, and to stay updated on upcoming live events.