EBN officially announced the successful candidature of BICMinho as next co-organizer of EBN’s 25th annual congress in 2016 in Guimarães (Portugal) on 28-30 September 2016.
The thematic of this next congress will be “Design the Future”. More detailed information will be disclosed over the next months.

Why Guimarães?
European Capital of Culture in 2012, the city of Guimaraes , birthplace of the Portuguese nation and the origin of the Portuguese nationality was recognised in 2001 as World Cultural Heritage after the full restoration of its histrorical centre.

Located in the North of Portugal, in the Ave subregion, it counts 55 000 inhabitants and is one of the most industrial and entrepreneurial cities of Portugal. Its primary industries are textile, shoes and metalomechanics. Besides the engineering campus of the University of Minho, it also has the Ave Science and Technology Park, the European Institute of Excellence on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, IDEGUI – Design Institute and more recently the Advanced Centre for Postgraduate Training of the University of United Nations.

Why BIC Minho?

Since 2014, the Municipality is working closely with BICMinho in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship and helping new startups or existing SMEs to grow and internationalise.  Discover here how BICMinho achieves this objective through a whole set of support programmes focusing on the modernisation of traditional industry and internationalisation of their local companies.

Associated member: BICMINHO
Published on 10-11-2015 00:00