Taiwanese health tech companies provide medical-grade wearable heart monitors to 100 Dutch participants in Utrecht pilot

UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS, Tuesday 12 November 2019 

Singular Wings Medical, an award-winning health tech company, is working with AiQ Smart Clothing to launch the RAPID-Vitality 100 for 100 program in the Utrecht region in December 2019. Supported by Economic Board Utrecht (EBU), Taiwan Globalization Network (TGN) and Tiger Accelerator, the Taiwanese companies will be providing technologies to help 100 Dutch participants monitor and analyze their own cardiovascular and mental health for 100 days. 

Cardiovascular health is a key area of medical concern in Europe. According to statistics published by the European Heart Network in 2017, cardiovascular disease (CVD) causes 3.9 million deaths in Europe every year. More specifically, Dutch data indicates that in the Netherlands there are 400,000 hospitalizations for cardiovascular diseases each year, and there were 86,970 newly diagnosed cases of CVD in 2015. 

In this context, it is important for people to keep track of their heart rhythm in order to recognize any signs of CVD, so that they can seek appropriate treatments at the first possible moment. Furthermore, one’s heart rhythm pattern is also an indicator of their exposure to stress and anxiety. Paying attention to these patterns can be beneficial for those who wish to track their own emotional and mental health. 

In its upcoming pilot initiative, Singular Wings Medical presents its solution for this need. The company’s CardiNova wearable device is the world’s smallest and most powerful ECG monitor. Provided to participants in combination with a small piece of AiQ’s smart clothing, the band-aid-sized hardware can measure the heart’s status with medical-grade accuracy, and connect to the Singular Wings Medical’s proprietary software which can reveal in-depth insights about the participants’ health state in real time. In a mobile app, participants will be able to  inspect several aspects of their cardiovascular health, such as irregular heartbeat, too fast or too slow heartbeat, and atrial fibrillation risk. Furthermore, the system will also provide updates on the user’s physical fitness status, life stress level, mental anxiety, sleep quality at different stages, and provide the most appropriate professional guidance to keep the body full of energy and fully vital. The tracking of this data can also be connected to medical actions such as regular online meetings, consulting, or emergency system from a professional health provider.

“We are very excited about this pilot initiative in the Netherlands,” said David Lee, Singular Wings Medical’s General Manager. “Many lives by sudden cardiac death could be potentially saved by a revolutionary healthcare model. Therefore, the health care costs and informal care of people with CVD may be decreased.” 

Singular Wings Medical was founded in Taiwan in 2015. It specializes in innovating effective medical devices with connected human centered services to help all people in their lives. Singular Wings Medical developed a live monitoring system for heart patients, with prediction and alarm functions, to avoid sudden death by enabling medical professionals to rescue patients in time. Through continuous measurements, healthcare professionals can also provide accurate services that adjust specific exercise goals or exercise intensity to enhance physical fitness and reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death. In 2018, the company had won two prestigious iF Design Awards for its CardiNova and BeatInfo products.

AiQ is regarded as a pioneer in the smart clothing industry. Embedding sensors, processing and communication technology into everyday clothing, the company’s solutions introduce new vibrant ways of living for its users. AiQ provides well-developed smart clothing for the “Get Connected “project in Utrecht, specifically for the elderly care use cases . Smart clothing – the most natural and user-friendly wearable technology – serves as a new motivation for senior citizens’ to activate their lifestyle.

The RAPID-Vitality 100 for 100 pilot was initiated at Taiwan Business Day 2019 and Utrecht Region Get Connected Congress 2019. Taiwan Business Day is annually organized in the Netherlands by TGN. It is the main event for Dutch entrepreneurs to learn about the culture and business opportunities in Taiwan. The Get Connected Congress is an event organized by Economic Board Utrecht, focusing on new developments and innovations for smarter and healthier living in the Utrecht Region.  

The RAPID-Vitality 100 for 100 pilot will start in December 2019. Volunteer participants and specialized care providers (such as physical trainers, nutritionists, cardiologists and meditation trainers) are welcome to join in this endeavor. Please visit the sign-up link for more information on participating in the pilot.

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