TGN’s Taiwan Business Day 2016 Attracts High Level Attendance

TGN organised a successful Taiwan Business Day in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht which was attended by over 125 people from The Netherlands and Taiwan. Businessmen, innovators and government officials liaised to enhance opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovation between the Netherlands and Taiwan. This year Taiwan Business Day was honored with the participation of a large (53 participants) delegation from the Taichung municipality from Taiwan.

Utrecht, Netherlands, October 10, 2016 –(– Why Taiwan Business Day?

Taiwan Business Day in the Netherlands is initiated and organized by Taiwan Globalization Network (TGN), since 2012, with the sole purpose to open up support for Dutch start-ups and scale-ups to access the technically advanced ecosystem of Taiwan and excel internationally.

Delegation from Taichung, second city of Taiwan

The high level Taichung City delegation was the first Taiwanese city government to participate in Taiwan Business Day in the Netherlands. Although it was planned for Mayor Chia-Long Lin to open the conference, due to the typhoon hitting his city he returned to Taiwan early. Recently, innovative entrepreneurship has become one of the most important developments worldwide. The municipal government of Taichung profits from years of cooperative groundwork established in Europe by SMEA to effectively expand Taiwan’s cooperative network, and build a bridge to international markets. Therefore, the 2016 Taiwan Business Day is the fruitful result of the strong bond of Utrecht City and Taiwan.

This year, TGN welcomed officers from Taichung City Government, and experts from industry to share their valuable inputs. Taichung City Government is on foot to introduce a sophisticated investment environment, and well-designed ecosystem for start-ups; thus, to increase the desire of cooperation from other countries in Europe. Meanwhile, Taichung City Government and Utrecht City will jointly strive toward the same mission; the mission is to construct a soft-landing bridge connecting Asian markets and European markets for start-ups in both countries.

Utrecht, the best place to do business in The Netherlands

In recent years, The Netherlands is growing its economy through greatly promoting emerging industries. Ever since the start of the Startup Delta program in 2014, Netherlands, through policy incentives, has been attracting entrepreneurial talent and start-ups worldwide to grow businesses in Netherlands. Led by the government to form a triple helix collaboration among start-ups, financial giants and local businesses, Netherlands is motivated to become the new focal point of the Europe. Utrecht is congregating remarkable talents and amazing solutions for the three challenges arising at the moment, and they are Green Energy, Home Care, and Smart City.

Signing cooperation on soft-landing bridge Taichung and Utrecht

During Taiwan Business Day 2016 the Memorandum Of Understanding was signed between the two advancing cities. An MOU that is a stepping stone to a cooperation that will make the innovation ecosystems of both cities more available to Start-ups and SME’s. The MOU was signed by Dr. Yau-Jr Lu, Director General, Economic Development Bureau of Taichung City and Mr. Jeroen Kreijkamp, Utrecht Vice-Mayor, to develop the soft-landing bridge between Taichung and Utrecht.

Both Taichung city and Utrecht city promote the co-innovation and co-incubation, entrepreneurship and soft-landing. Both Taichung and Utrecht will offer their cities as the living labs and testbeds for startups and scale ups from each other’s region. Free or low costs soft-landing service packages will be made available in the coming months.

TGN Taiwan Explorer Award 2016

Because of the 5th anniversary of Taiwan Business Day, TGN offered the Taiwan Explorer Award 2016. The winning e-mobility entrepreneur Bruno Smulders, was randomly selected from all the Dutch entrepreneurs that participated in TBD16. The ambitious entrepreneur will enjoy a business trip to explore the possibilities Taiwan has to offer for launching and/or scaling his company globally. Taiwan Explorer Award 2016, worth EUR 3,500 is made possible by China Airlines and other TGN partners like ITRI, TRIPLE, Universities and Incubators. The 2 week business trip includes flight, subsistence, workspace, events, mentoring and matching in Taipei, Taichung, Hsinchu and Kaohsiung in Taiwan.