Taiwan Main Orthopaedics Biotechnology revolutionizes surgery

Surgeons have a tough and stressful profession, especially when operating trauma or spine. The smallest thing wrong move of the needle or knife can have huge impacts. That is where the Taiwanese startup Taiwan Main Orthopaedics Biotechnology comes to the rescue. The scientists and engineers in the team have worked together with Research institutes and Hospitals to apply advanced mixed reality to aid the surgeon in delivering high precision surgery.

The main surgeon aid is the smart surgical glasses. The smart glasses are fed with real-time 3D-modeled information helping him or her to navigate while at the same time monitoring every movement. With the help of the Foresee-X (trauma surgery) or Caduceus (spine surgery) the surgeon can apply enhanced surgery with a high level of trust and quality. Smart hospitals will surely take note of this next evolutionary step in surgery and decide to equip their surgeons with this great innovation from Taiwan.

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