BPM – DNlite against Diabetes Kidney Failure

With 8,5% of the global population suffering from Diabetes, also kidney damage caused by diabetes is on the rise. The great advantage of the DNlite test offered by BPM is that Diabetic Nephropathy (Kidney Failure) can be detected 5-10 years earlier. This innovative diagnosis tool, a non-invasive urinary test, is also ideal for monitoring the progression and severity of Diabetic Nephropathy. Thanks to the efforts of BPM Kidney Failure caused by diabetes can be managed much better and the quality of life improved.

BPM is a clinical-staged biotech company, focusing on developing novel biomarker-based diagnostics for chronic diseases and oncology. BPM was spun off ITRI in 2014 to make core technologies from the National Biomarker Project available for the global healthcare community.

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