Heroic Faith revolutionizes Intensive Care (ICU)

Heroic Faith brings 2 innovations to Europe that will improve ICU’s dramatically for patients, hospitals and staff. With Accursound, the 4D Breath Sound monitor, they offer a smart stethoscope a that diagnosis adventitious sound 24/7 and integrates it with bedside monitor and central warning systems. The advanced ScvO2 monitors to monitor oxygen saturation in a non-evasive way, which is super critical in ICU’s to prevent patients to go into a septic shock. The two innovations integrated in ICU management systems improves the mortality rate and lowers ICU-duration times for a wide range of patients, making it a solid investment.

Heroic Faith is setup and managed by a mix of clinicians, engineers, researchers and experts in medical device development and clinical trial design, which makes it uniquely positioned to lead the modernization of ICU around the globe.

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Networking Purpose for Accursound:

• Tele ICU related (GE, Philip… etc) collaboration and co-development

• Vital sign related cooperation

Networking Purpose ScvO2 monitor:

• Phantom build up.
• Regulatory consultant.

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