Taiwan Business Day 2014 in Science Tower Rotterdam

Taiwan Business Day 2014 in Rotterdam Date: June 23rd, 2014 (Monday), 13:00-17:00 Venue: Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) (at Rotterdam Science Tower) Address: Marconistraat 16, 11th floor, 3029 AK, Rotterdam Registration: Click here http://ppt.cc/PbqH  | DOWNLOAD: Taiwan Business Day 2014 FLYER 2.6 “How softlanding helps SME’s to enter global markets” Do you have a small […]

『活動訊息』 2014中小企業商機媒合列車啟動儀式暨新產品發表商機 媒合會

亞太創投競賽 中小企大破大立

亞太創投競賽 中小企大破大立 台灣醒報╱記者邱惠恩╱台北報導】 2014.04.28 10:47 pm 為鼓勵與營造台灣創業環境,台北市府希望透過「亞太創業競賽」,邀請來自世界各地「小於5歲」或還未成立的「年輕企業」參加競賽,爭取10萬獎金,以及免費前往芬蘭參加歐洲創投盛典Slush。台灣創投商業公會秘書長蘇拾忠表示,

Global Innovation Race; Taiwan Is Tops in Patents, Israel Leads in Rank

Taiwan ranked 10th in Bloomberg’s Global Innovation Index. Here is how the region ranked in the determining factors: R&D intensity: 7th Productivity: 30th High-tech density: 2nd Researcher concentration: 5th Manufacturing capability: N/A Tertiary efficiency: 2nd Patent activity: 1st For additional information, please go to: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-01-22/in-global-innovation-race-taiwan-is-tops-in-patents-israel-leads-in-r-d.html

ING rondt verkoop Taiwanees onderdeel af

ING rondt verkoop Taiwanees onderdeel af http://nuzakelijk.nl/beurs/3755084/ing-rondt-verkoop-taiwanees-onderdeel-af.html

Entrepreneur: Seeking to Expand Overseas? First Determine If Your Firm’s Ready.

Seeking to Expand Overseas? First Determine If Your Firm’s Ready. Source: http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIwo9SHqQk Nearly every week we see another headline about a previously unknown startup that has catapulted to international stardom. Where it once took years — sometimes decades — to go from relative obscurity to market leader, the infinite connectedness of our planet has compressed […]

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