Do you have the ambition to expand your innovative business to Europe? Having a private investor on board is a crucial advantage because of the combination of finance and industry knowledge plus network. Therefore Tiger Accelerator has teamed up with Business Angel Connect (Netherlands, Germany) and Business Angels Europe (Europe) to offer you value adding investor matchmaking services, so you can succeed in Europe!

The purpose of the “Pitching for Expansion to Europe” program is to connect innovative companies with expansion plans for Europe with experienced private investors from Europe.

Advantages of the program

  1. Receive feed-back on the suitability of your business for the European market
  2. Get informed about the investment practice in Europe
  3. Evaluation of your investor pitch, both regarding presentation as on investment readiness
  4. Opportunity to pitch for a jury of investors, matchmakers and strategists. Next to their valuable feed-back you might be selected for follow-on talks and services to realise your plan.
  5. Matching Service: Active search for matching private investors including help to make a good investor proposition [€ 500 + 2% success fee after receiving investment].

Premium option: extra coaching from an experienced investor for improving your expansion plan

How to enjoy this program?

This attractive program can be enjoyed mostly for free! A great opportunity unleashed by Tiger Accelerator in cooperation with its European and Taiwanese partners. What do you need to do?

  1. Fill in the Application Form at http://www.v-hub.org/apply – you’ll receive an acceptance notice within 2 work days.
  2. 22 February 2019 17:00 CET the application for this round will close
  3. 28 February 2019 we’ll give you feed-back via email on the suitability of your business for expansion to Europe. If suitable we’ll invite you to enjoy our first event.
  4. 7 March 2019 Investor Event: we’ll share information on the European investor market and offer you to pitch to receive professional feed-back. This event can be enjoyed online and offline (somewhere in The Netherlands).
  5. (optional) 8 March 2019 Investor Event 2: depending on the number of participants we’ll schedule a second event.
  6. 14 March 2019: Pitching for Expansion to Europe main stage. Online pitching event with a jury of European investors and matchmakers. Receive professional feed-back on investment attractiveness and receive invitations for exclusive investor events and active search.
  7. For active search a 40% reduced fee of € 500,00 applies and 2% success fee after receiving investment.

Take this opportunity, it will pave your way to the European market!


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Taiwan Globalization Network (TGN), Business Angels Europe (BAE), Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA), Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taipei Tech (NTUT), NTUST, Tech Venture Club ITRI, Dutch Incubation Association (DIA), Taiwan Business Association (TBA) in the Netherlands, Tiger V-Hub Accelerator,

For specific questions about this program, email Valerie Hsu: valerie@tigeraccelerator.com