Taiwan & EU Join Forces on 5G Communications

Taiwan-EU 5G cooperation

The EU-Taiwan 5G Workshop was held in Taipei in early June to share the status and outlook of EU-Taiwan 5G collaboration including Targeted Opening Call and participation in international 5G standards. Participants including DG CONNECT officials and experts from ITRI, Ericsson, Nokia, Foxconn, and MediaTek gathered to discuss the global trends of 5G technology development. […]

Taiwanese bedrijven gebruiken Utrecht als springplank

Gepubliceerd: 04 juni 2016 11:0704-06-16 11:07 Laatste update: 04 juni 2016 17:0204-06-16 17:02 Verschillende Utrechtse partijen en het Taiwanese SquareX hebben een intentieverklaring getekend om intensiever samen te werken. Zo moeten bedrijven uit Taiwan gemakkelijker de Nederlandse en Europese markt bereiken. Door: DUIC Door: DUIC Het Taiwanese bedrijf SquareX gaat de samenwerking aan met partijen uit de regio […]

European Innovation Week in Taiwan a great success!

The ECCT participated in a number of activities from 30 May to 3 June 2016 that were part of European Innovation Week (EIW), a series of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-focused events. EIW was organised by the European Commission in cooperation with Silicon Europe Worldwide and the European Cluster Collaboration Platform and key partners in […]

Dutch report shows way towards Greater EU–Taiwan Economic Cooperation

Institute Clingendael dug into the potential of economic relation between Taiwan, the Netherlands and Europe. The researchers see a lot of room for improvement, much of the potential is still untapped. The aim of the report is to assess the consequences of change in cross-Strait relations and of the proliferating trade diplomacy in East Asia […]

Utrecht-Taiwan partnership helps people live independent lives for longer

01-06-2016 HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Economic Board Utrecht, care innovator Vital Valley and the Municipality of Utrecht signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Taiwanese company SquareX on 27 May. The aim of this cooperation agreement is to enable people to live comfortable and independent lives at home for longer. Helianthe Kort’s […]

Bad news bike thieves

Next week the new VanMoof SmartBike will go live for preorder. It’s the smartest thing on wheels, and it’s designed to be smarter than your local bike thief, the weather, and keys. The first 200 SmartBikes will come at a killer early-bird price, so make sure you’re first in line by signing up for SmartBike notifications […]

Taiwan Night @CampusParty a great success

On Friday 27 May 2016 Taiwan Night was organised during the Campus Party in Utrecht (NL). It was a great side-event of the huge 5-day technology event that was visited by more than 6.000 students, geeks, investors and technology fans. Thanks to Vcool we have some automatically cut video material about the Taiwan Night, where […]

Gather PJ International Start-up Cluster from Taiwan, won the First Prize of FinTech Challenge held by Rabobank in Campus Party

來自台灣湊皮匠創業聚落的夥伴參加的活動是:Campus Party Europe 中 Rabobank 辦的 Challenge 主題:Fintech:The Ultimate Financial Sense Hackathon 2016 來自台灣湊皮匠創業聚落的夥伴,在知遇科技擔任程式設計師的丁多安與來自荷蘭的Roland Kierkels和來自德國Frederik Knust參加Campus party 2016 Rabobank的FinTech Challenge得到首獎   Ting To-An, Engineer of Zhiyu Co. Ltd. and also a partner of Gather PJ International Start-up Cluster from Taiwan, won the First Prize of FinTech Chellenge held by Rabobank in Campus Party with his […]

Longer independent living at home made possible by Utrecht – Taiwanese cooperation

27 mei 2016 First result of cooperation with Taiwan for ‘Better Time at Home’ In October the City of Utrecht and a consortium of the Southern Taiwan Regional Business Innovation Center and the Taiwan Globalization Network signed a Letter of Intent stipulating cooperation and the development of a ‘Soft Landing Bridge’, easing access of Taiwanese […]


A team from Taiwan made a APP called《Vcool+》. They make it easy for any iphone user to produce a professional video. So from now on, everyone can make a nice video for any event. And the cool part is, friends can actually collaborate on making the video together! Want to record a nice memory event? You […]

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