TGN and 4-Options strengthen soft-landing services for Taiwan Footwear & Textile industry

17.04.2017 – Last week, TGN and 4-Options Studio signed on to a collaboration with the FRT (Footwear & Recreation Technology institute) of Taiwan to support innovative shoe & textile companies from Taiwan to expand to Europe. The cooperation also foresees in the adoption of the latest European fashion information by the Taiwanese footwear producers.


New program to access European Fashion market

This move fits the advanced strategy of TGN to develop dedicated programs for ambitious companies from Taiwan. The cooperation with Design specialist 4-Options from Zeist in The Netherlands combines soft-landing and business development support with design support and access to fashion markets in one package. Selection of companies will be done by FRTRI and 4-options in cooperation with local partners like the Taichung Development Agency – that puts internationalization on the top of their list.

Cooperation for Taiwanese footwear companies to access European Fashion market setup by FRT, 4-Options and TGN

4-Options Studio Design

4-Options Studio is the Dutch textile & fashion design organization that focuses on international clients in Taiwan, South-Korea and Japan.  It has a vast experience in trend setting, smart clothing design and commercializing technical innovation in the textile industry. Next to design it also has a great practice in education for textile suppliers to modernize towards brands & fashion.  On top of being a studio and educator it also offers matching services to match with experts in the field of design thinking, trend watching, product development, innovation, brand development and internationalization.

Footwear Innovation & Incubation Taiwan

The FRT was set up by the Taiwanese government and the Taiwan Footwear Manufacturers Association to serve the ongoing modernization of the industry. More recently the Innovation & Incubation Centre in Taichung was setup to offer rapid-prototyping, testing & certification, workshops, office space and business support to innovative companies in footwear, leather fashionable products, sportswear and prosthesis.

How to make use of this program?

The best thing you can do is contact the Footwear Innovation and Incubation Centre in Taichung; email:  or telephone: +886-4-2359-0112.

They will get into contact with you to analyze your needs and potential for internationalization. From there on we will be contacted by the Incubator people to get priority access to our program.