Taiwan Gold Card Visa

You may apply for your Taiwan Gold Card Visa Online.


  • Foreign special professionals who plan to work in Taiwan can apply to National Immigration Agency for 4-in-1 employment gold card which includes work permit, resident visa, Alien Resident Certificate and re-entry permit.
  • The Employment Gold Card is valid for 1-3 years.
  • Those who are qualified can reapply before the expiration date of current gold card.


  • Professional fields under qualification for employment gold card are:Science and technology, economy, education, culture, arts, sports, finance, law and architectural design.
  • Click for detailed qualification to each field (hyperlink)


  • Choose “Self application”, “Apply by employer” or “Apply by agent” to login accordingly.
  • For first time self-application of Employment Gold Card, register as a member by completing detailed information. A verification letter will be sent to your email address. Complete the confirmation and login to the system for application payment, submission of additional document, e-Entry permit and e-Receipt download, etc.





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