WeScale Challenge 2021 Winner: CancerFree Biotech

The WeScale Challenge is an annual pitch competition for startups interested in international expansion via Taiwan & the Netherlands. Each year, the winning startups are awarded with business resources to kickstart their business expansion plan. 

This year, the WeScale Challenge took place on Nov 9, 2021. During the pitch competition, 6 Taiwanese startups presented their core products, technologies, and their vision for international expansion, in front of an International Jury and a live audience made up of business community members from both Taiwan and the Netherlands. After each pitch, the startups also took on answering the Jury’s insightful and incisive questions.

The startups pitching at the WeScale Challenge 2021 included:

In the Taiwan Business Day webinar, the winner of this year’s WeScale Challenge was announced. The  winner of WeScale Challenge 2021 is: Cancerfree Biotech. The jury agreed that CancerFree Biotech introduces a truly innovative solution, with the highest potential to achieve success in the European market.

CancerFree Biotech: Company Profile

We are the first commercialized in-vitro tumor cell culture platform from liquid biopsy. Current cancer treatment is based on standard treatment protocols and physician experience, but individual differences make treatment methods work differently for each patient. Through our platform E.V.A. (Ex-Vivo Avatar), doctors will know the actual effect of drugs on patients’ cancer cells, and can further tailor treatment to patients’ conditions, reducing the risk of patients trying drugs on themselves and reducing the risk and cost of potential ineffective drugs.

E.V.A. is Circulating Tumor Cell – Derived Organoid (CDO) culture system containing 3D scaffolds to facilitate tumor cell proliferation. We have completed more than 800 real world data across more than 100 types of solid tumors. The early clinical data shows the average clinical response rate is 76.9%. E.V.A. can also help new cancer drug development companies to validate the drug suppression effect on tumor cells from real patients and screen for the clinical trial candidates. CancerFree Biotech is committed to developing a more competitive and personalized anti-cancer drug testing service.