Digital Handheld Ophthalmology system: Freedom of Movement

When MiiS (Medimaging Integrated Solutions) introduced the Horus system with the digital handheld Fundus camera it changed the way healthcare professionals work. Instead of being bound by a range of diagnostic machines on fixed locations, now diagnoses can be performed anywhere. During Taiwan Ophthalmic Forum in Paris, parallel to ESCSR, MiiS will introduce the Horus  Scope™ Total Eye Care Solution.   

Early diagnosis of potential eye diseases has come to the attention of doctors, ophthalmologists, ophthalmic nurses, opticians and even fieldworkers in a concerted effort to eliminate avoidable blindness. One of the key actions of the WHO action plan for the prevention of avoidable blindness and visual impairment is to push for more and earlier diagnosis. The Horus handheld scopes of MiiS are to play a key role in this.

Horus Scope

The Horus DEC200 offers high image quality (5Mp) and 45 degrees of fundus image are captured for more details.  By changing attachments, the handheld camera can be used for surface or anterior lens evaluation.  In combination with its artificial intelligence and cloud data platform, it offers fast patient-based diagnostics and greater efficiency.

Taiwan Ophthalmic Forum – Eyes on the Future
Paris, 16/09/2019 16:00-19:00 more info

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