TGN connects Taiwan-Europe Soft-Landing bridge via Utrecht

TGN connects Taiwan consortium


Taiwan-Europe Soft-Landing bridge

via Utrecht

On Taiwan business Day (TBD 15) on 23 October, 2015, Letter of Intent (LOI) was signed between Utrecht City, the Southern Taiwan Regional Business Innovation Center and Taiwan Globalization Network-TGN  and to intensify cooperation and the development of a “Soft Landing Bridge”, through which Taiwanese companies could use Utrecht as the bridgehead, to enter the Dutch and European market more easily.

On Taiwan business Day (TBD 16) on 26 September 2016, MOU was signed between Taichung City and Utrecht City, who both serve as soft-landing hubs of Taiwan-Europe Soft-Landing Bridge.

Taiwan-Europe Soft Landing has set up hub in Utrecht, managed by TGN.

Taiwan-Europe Soft Landing has set up hub in Taichung, managed by ITRI and Chaoyang.

TGN Partners in Taiwan are formed as Taiwan Consortium to get connected the soft-Landing partners in Europe and offer soft-landing service packages.

Business Angel Europe (BAE) and TGN will organize Pitching for Expansion on regularly basis to facilitate Taiwanese startups and scale-ups to get funded by European angels, who will also become their mentors in Europe.

TGN develops Mini-Accelerator Program, which will facilitate Startups and Scale-ups from Taiwan to test and enter European market via Utrecht Soft-Landing bridge more effectively and efficient.

Furthermore, TGN and EBN will jointly expand Taiwan-Europe Soft-Landing Programs with selected EBN members all over Europe.

Taiwan Consortium including the following partners and more to be added:

Northern Taiwan:




Central Taiwan:


Southern Taiwan: