For smaller startups in Taiwan, co-working is the way to go

Entrepreneurs can rent office space shared with other startups at Guangfu 102.
(Credit: Gary Wu/CNET Asia)

Startups, Internet and software startups specifically, have never really been a big thing in Taiwan. Taiwan is most well-known for its hardware manufacturing prowess. For startups in software and consumer Internet field, aside from a few Web 1.0 pioneers who eventually matured into viable businesses or found exits via acquisition by bigger, international companies, Taiwan has not seen too many major home-grown startup success stories in recent years. However, with the maturation of Internet and ubiquitous mobile connectivity, more entrepreneurial minds are taking the startup route. For them, the concept of a co-working space is a great way to kick off their venture.

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  1. vi says:

    CreatiVasia Space, a coworking space for entrepreneurs and startup companies in Taichung, Taiwan, is a cultural oriented hotspot for both local and global residents. We provide space for independent freelancers and small startup companies, host various events for adventurous elites, support their vision and turn it into realistic business plan. 24/7.

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