Happy Twinning between Incubator Managers from Taiwan and Europe

Last Thursday in Brussels 37 incubator managers and staff gathered around the topic of matching globalization ambitions of start-ups with the offerings incubators in Taiwan and Europe have. Taiwan Globalization Network (TGN) organised this session to match the needs of the Taiwanese incubators to find partners in Europe with whom they can coöperate in helping their start-ups to expand their business also in Europe. The full delegation of incubator managers and staff from Taiwan was attending the Twinning session to meet with incubator managers from Europe which were invited by Europe’s largest incubator network EBN.


“More concrete ideas between Taiwan and Italy”

Evaluating the outcome of the Twinning Session with Valerie Hsu, director of TGN, it seems that the most concrete idea could be the approach of so-called co-incubation. This means two incubators work together to send start-ups over to the other incubator to venture in the new market. The incubator managers from Italy have good experience with the approach and strongly believe this can also made to work with Taiwanese companies.  EBN will support her Taiwanese members in developing co-incubation and/or soft landing relations with members in Europe states David Tee of EBN. EBN and TGN will coöperate to boost globalization opportunities for start-ups in Taiwan and Europe.