Taiwan’s First Seed Accelerator Celebrates its Launch

News provided by Taiwan Accelerator  Oct 26, 2016, 03:00 ET TAIPEI, Taiwan, Oct. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — According to statistics from the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, the number of new Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) each year is over 90,000. However, the probability of bankruptcy within one year is as high as 90%, while 90% […]

Press Release: Taiwan Business Day attracts high level audience

UTRECHT 27 SEPTEMBER 2016 – Yesterday a successful Taiwan Business Day was held in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht which was attended by over 125 entrepreneurs from The Netherlands and Taiwan. Businessmen, innovators and government officials interacted to enhance opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovation between the Netherlands and Taiwan. The 2016 edition was organised in cooperation […]

Make Your Innovation in Taiwan!

Taiwan in Utrecht

Taiwan Business Day 2016 UTRECHT 26 SEPTEMBER Do you own or manage an innovative start-up, small or medium sized company, and are you considering opportunities abroad? Meet your potential business partners and support organizations for the Far East – during an intensive afternoon seminar. Why Taiwan?  Taiwan is world leader in many innovative technologies and […]

TGN organises European Incubation Tour

GUIMARÃES city centre

It’s time to plan the European Incubation Tour again, where you meet the Dutch business scene at Taiwan Business Day and European incubation managers at EBN Congress 2016. Be part of the fifth European Incubation Tour! In order to communicate with our group, please join TGN Facebook to see the updates. >>> Please fill in the registration […]

Taiwanese Incubators and Accelerators on the map

Distribution map Created by SMEA MOEA Taiwan on 2013-08-28   Northern Area Keelung Innovation and Incubation Center, National Taiwan Ocean University Innovation and Incubation Center, Fisheries Research Institute, COA Taipei Innovation and Incubation Center, National Taiwan University Innovation and Incubation Center, Chinese Culture University Innovation and Incubation Center, National Yang-Ming University Innovation and Incubation Center, […]

Incubation Alliance, I.A. in Taiwan

I.A.育成交流聯盟(Incubation Alliance, I.A.)        ▌成立時間:  民國93年因應當時經濟部中小企業處之育成工作指標,組成「南方創新育成暨交流發 明聯盟」,投入包含聯誼會、教育訓練課程、校際創業大賽與共同成果展等活動以加 強策略聯盟成效。 ▌今日現時: 成立至今,聯盟除原本育成夥伴外,也陸續加入新夥伴,特別在國立臺東大學創新育 成中心加入後,育成範圍由原本臺灣西部衍生到臺灣後山,故此,聯盟名稱也配合更 名為育成交流聯盟(I.A.:Incubation Alliance)。長期互動下來,成員彼次間均累積了 很好的互信基礎與團隊默契。 ▌目前聯盟合作任務: 隨著全球化的趨勢,各個領域與國際接軌已經是個必然的趨勢,特別臺灣是一個以外 貿為主的國家,過往企業總是辛苦的單打獨鬥來開拓市場,而此種方式已經無法應付 目前高度競爭的企業競爭,故,透過聯盟群體的力量開拓海、內外的市場通路,協助 育成進駐企業介接到市場通路。 ▌目前育成交流聯盟成員:(由北至南至東依序排列)    ◎國立嘉義大學創新育成中心 ◎嘉南藥理科技大學創新育成中心 ◎遠東科技大學精密機械創新育成中心 ◎長榮大學創新育成中心 ◎高雄醫學大學創新育成中心 ◎國立高雄大學創新育成中心 ◎國立中山大學創新育成中心 ◎國立高雄應用科技大學創新育成中心 ◎國立屏東大學創新育成中心 ◎美和科技大學創新育成中心 ◎國立屏東科技大學創新育成中心 ◎國立台東大學創新育成中心 ◎社團中華民國青年創業總會育成中心 By: 國立高雄應用科技大學創新育成中心 2014-04-22 Source: http://www.incubator.kuas.edu.tw/article.php?id=129

Happy Twinning between Incubator Managers from Taiwan and Europe

Last Thursday in Brussels 37 incubator managers and staff gathered around the topic of matching globalization ambitions of start-ups with the offerings incubators in Taiwan and Europe have. Taiwan Globalization Network (TGN) organised this session to match the needs of the Taiwanese incubators to find partners in Europe with whom they can coöperate in helping their start-ups […]

Save the Date: 23/10/2015 Taiwan Business Day in the Netherlands

For the fourth consecutive year, Taiwan Globalization Network (TGN) will organize the Taiwan Business Day in The Netherlands. TGN works together with Business Angels Europe (BAE) and Triple i (III) to bring a vigorous event to entrepreneurs, business men, investors, universities, incubators and accelerators to learn to know the opportunities Taiwan has to offer in the […]

Join us at: EBN Congress 28-30 October in Brussels ‘The New Frontiers’

EBN Congress will focus on a few key frontiers, the major places of innovation and entrepreneurship that we see from our members and from the market. Interestingly, many of our activities and projects cross multiple frontiers, adding an extra dimension to the challenges faced by today’s entrepreneurs and innovators. Digital Frontiers Digital is everywhere. No […]

Taiwan Sets up Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center in Silicon Valley

Taiwan will become the first Asian nation to open a state-sponsored innovation office at Silicon Valley this June 26. The Taiwan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) will be based in San Jose, California and will focus in establishing links between Taiwanese startup teams with entrepreneurs, venture capital firms and accelerators in one of the world’s most famous technology hubs. For that purpose, […]

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