Save the Date: 23/10/2015 Taiwan Business Day in the Netherlands

For the fourth consecutive year, Taiwan Globalization Network (TGN) will organize the Taiwan Business Day in The Netherlands. TGN works together with Business Angels Europe (BAE) and Triple i (III) to bring a vigorous event to entrepreneurs, business men, investors, universities, incubators and accelerators to learn to know the opportunities Taiwan has to offer in the fields of innovation and global business expansion. This years prevailing theme will be; Taiwan-Netherlands Hub2Hub network | how regional networks hook up to enable socio-economic success.

Moderator: Pim de Bokx, Chairman DIA


Indicative Program

13:00-15:30 Taiwan Business Day, organized by BAE, III, TGN

15:30-17:00 Taiwan Demo Day, organized by BAE, III, TGN

17:00-20:00 Taiwan-Netherlands Networking Drink


Location and Program will follow soon!


Organizer: III, TGN

Supported by: Taiwan SMEA MOEA

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