Taiwanese Seed-Accelerator open to Dutch Start-ups

Succesful startups and investors at Demo Day in Taipei

TGN partner Taiwan Accelerator (TA) is the first seed accelerator in Taiwan,  one of the Four Asian Tigers. Taiwan is the gateway to China, Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries.
TA is working to nurture the region’s undiscovered innovators in a rigorous and unique accelerator program. The program is shedding light on this region that is proving rich with talent and seed investors. 8 startups participated in TA #1 cohort and received investment. In April, Demo Days where held in Taipei, Silicon Valley and New York.

Taiwan Accelerator provides

  1. Seed capital: Plan A – USD 30,000 for 10% stake; Plan B – USD 18,000 for 6% stake. Startups select their own plan.
  2. Mentors: There are more than 300 mentors available at TA, including successful entrepreneurs, industry experts, CFOs, and IROs. Together they offer the highest level of dual-track business and financial counseling.
  3. Demo Day: Demo Day is held within two weeks of the end of TA Camp, founders give briefs and demos to angel investors, VCs, and corporate investors, both domestic and abroad. After the Demo Day, we match interested investors with the startups and arrange follow-up meetings, allowing them to finish the angel round financing in the shortest possible time.
  4. Global Connection: Through TA’s management team, mentors, and its global partner network, we link together the Americas, Europe, Asia and other markets around the world. This provides startups with access to essential resources relating to market intelligence, product testing and even sales channels.

TA #2 is now open for applications from all over the world.

  • Application deadline: May 15, 2017; 21:00 (Taipei time, 15:00 NL time)
  • Applicants do not need to send a business plan, but just fill out the online application form, and upload a 60-second YouTube video introducing your team and business.
  • We accept the application of overseas startup. If you want to apply for subsidies from the Taiwan government, you have to set up a company here.
  • Go direct to application form

Let us fuel the dreams and visions of you!