Taiwan-Europe Healthy Urban Living Forum November 14, 2018 in Taipei



Tiger Accelerator 11/14 program update 臺歐國際健康產業交流論壇<更新>:https://www.tigeraccelerator.com/ta1114
Register 11/14 臺歐國際健康產業交流論壇報名表

Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2018 / 2018年11月14日(周三)

Organizer: Taiwan Globalization Network-TGN 「台灣企業國際化協助網絡」

Co-organizer: Tiger Accelerator Taipei 台荷加速器股份有限公司, NTUT 北科大, NTUST 台科大

Supervised by SMEA, MOEA 經濟部中小企業處

Supported by Economic Board Utrecht (EBU)

Sponsored by Tiger Accelerator Taipei 台荷加速器股份有限公司

Location: GIS TAIPEI TECH Convention Center 集思北科大會議中心2樓感恩廳 ( 台北科技大學億光大樓)

  • Address Everlight Building 2F., No.1, Sec. 3, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan R.O.C.
  • 地址 台北市忠孝東路三段1號 (億光大樓2樓)
  • TEL 電話 (02) 2741-7655  FAX 傳真 (02) 2741-8699
  • https://www.meeting.com.tw/index.php/ntnu-hall

09:00-9:30 Registration 報名手續

09:30-10:00 Opening & MOU Signing 開幕式及簽署歐國際育成合作意向書

Moderator: Hsu-Wei Fang, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor, National Taipei University of Technology

Welcome: NTUT  致歡迎辭:北科大長官

Welcome: SMEA Director 致歡迎辭:經濟部中小企業處長


                 Group Photos 嘉賓合照

10:00-10:45 Healthy Urban Living Get Connected Taiwan-Europe

  • What could Taiwan benefit from EBN Soft-landing Network? by Robert Sanders (EBN Innovation Network (EBN))
  • Bridging Europe & Taiwan: From Innovation, Startup to Unicorn, by Hsu-Wei Fang, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor, National Taipei University of Technology, Founder, Biotegy Corporation
  • Benefits of ESA BIC and ESA Space Solutions Centre Taipei for Taiwanese startups, by Bruno Naulais, (European Space Agency (ESA))
  • Taiwan-Europe Co-incubation, Co-innovation make healthy urban living realistic, by Dr. Liang-Han Hsieh, ITRI Senior Researcher 台歐共同育成共同創新打造健康城市生活,謝良翰博士工研院特聘專家

10:45-11:00 Coffee/Tea Break 中場休息時間

11:00-12:15  Healthy Urban Living Get Connected Taiwan-Netherlands

  • Startup Ecosystem in the Netherlands, by Diederik van der Toorn, Economic Advisor, Netherlands Trade & Investment Office (NTIO 荷蘭貿易投資辦事處)
  • Tiger Accelerator Taipei-Utrecht your soft-landing partners between Taiwan and The Netherlands 台荷加速器是台商利用荷蘭進入歐洲市場的跳板, Valerie Hsu, (Tiger Accelerator 台荷加速器 )
  • Design Health Hub Taipei – Utrecht, by Jelle van der Weijde (Economic Board Utrecht (EBU) Domain Health)
  • Citizens Cooperation; opportunity for upscaling in communities, by Anja van der Aa, (Wijkinformatiepunt Utrecht Oost & SAMEN030)
  • Utrecht Region Healthy Urban Living Challenges by Freek van Muiswinkel (Economic Board Utrecht (EBU) Domain Life Science / Director External Affairs Utrecht Life Science, Utrecht Science Park)
  • Use the Netherlands as EU HQ for business expansion by Michael Lai (BOBC/Aeon Astron Europe BV)
  • Questions & Answers  問答時間

12:15-12:45 Networking Drink 社交網絡時間

EU delegation to Meet Taipei during GEW 10-16 November 2018

Nr Name Organization Main business Group
1 Jelle van der Weijde Economic Board Utrecht (EBU) Health Hub Taipei -Utrecht A
2 Dr. Freek van Muiswinkel Economic Board Utrecht (EBU) / Utrecht Life Science Health Hub Taipei -Utrecht & Life Science Sector A&B
3 Anja van der Aa Samen030 Innovation for happy ageing in community A
4 Nathan Rozema Samen030 Innovation for happy ageing in community A
5 Luu-Nee Shann Stichting Self Management & Independent Living Foundation (SMILE) Innovation for happy ageing in community A
6 Dr. Valerie Hsu Taiwan Globalization Network-TGN, Tiger Accelerator TGN Soft-landing Bridge, get connected Taipei – Utrecht A&B
7 Dr. Liang-Han Hsieh ITRI Senior Researcher Taiwan-EU Soft-landing and Technology Transfer B
8 Robert Sanders EBN Innovation Network (EBN) Taipei-EU Softlanding Hub B
9 Bruno Naulais European Space Agency (ESA) ESA Space Solutions Centre Taipei B

Note: The featured image is borrowed from https://www.economicboardutrecht.nl/get-connected/gezond-stedelijk-leven

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