23rd EBN Annual Congress / 25-27 June 2014

23rd EBN Annual Congress – “Accelerating Young Entrepreneurship – A fascinating & challenging sport”

23rd EBN Annual Congress

“Accelerating Young Entrepreneurship – A Fascinating & Challenging Sport”

Lleida – Lerida, Catalonia – Spain

25-27 June 2014

What makes a great sportsman is his/her capacity to overcome obstacles, to endure pain, to face competitors, the will to win and the mental toughness. All these conditions are also gathered in a successful entrepreneur as he/she needs to develop skills, to be responsive to changes, to observe their environment, to take risks, to engage and finally to accelerate. This also what is asked from the young generation!

The unemployment of the Young generation has become one of the crucial battles of many European governments. Challenging economic times are also times of great creativity and present opportunities for true innovators and real entrepreneurs.

BICs are there to stimulate, incubate and accelerate the emergence of champions of innovation, providing a new generation of top seed performers generating new fast-growing technology based-firms.

The next EBN congress will explore the various paths through which the Y generation can engage into successful entrepreneurship, and what are the tools and mechanisms available to help them to reach excellence and realize their dream of success, notably through:

  • Mindset and attitudes from the early cycle of learning
  • Training and skills development to run a pilot business
  • Coaching and mentoring to share business knowledge and practice
  • Initiatives and collaborative tools to accompany the entrepreneur at an early stage
  • Networking through online platforms for young entrepreneurs
  • Micro-finance and crowd-funding to help young start-ups
  • Smart Places and platforms for co-working, seed-camps, hackertons, …

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Share your models, showcase your story, discuss with peers, benchmark and learn from real stories of entrepreneurs, network with around 500 colleagues.

Centre of congress of LLeida and Old Cathedral ‘Seu Velha’

Come and join us in Lerida -Lleida (Catalonia – Spain) with the Y generation, from 25 to 27 June 2014!

More detailed info to come soon.

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