Aeon Astron Europe B.V. Launches Biomimiq in New Facilities 2013-07-04

Aeon Astron Europe B.V. Launches Biomimiq in New Facilities 2013-07-04

Aeon Astron Europe B.V. is pleased to announce the official opening of their new facilities at 4 p.m. on July 4th, 2013, which will house Biomimiq, a newly formed division of Aeon Astron Europe B.V..Mr. Henri J.J. Lenferink, the mayor of Leiden, will lead the opening ceremony together with the Taiwan Ambassador Mr. James K.C. Lee. With the opening of the new facilities in the Leiden BioScience Park, J.H. Oortweg 19, Aeon Astron Europe B.V. now has access to over 500 m2 of state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and offices.

The new facility is part of the global growth plan of Aeon Aston Europe B.V. and their parent company, Body Organ Biomedical Corporation(BOBC), for the development and commercialization of biomedical devices, such as ologen®. “We are very excited about the additional capacity our new facility gives us” said Michael Lai, CEO of Aeon Astron Europe B.V. “The new facilities and equipment will allow us to accelerate the development of the products in our pipeline and thus shorten the time-to-market.”

Earlier this year, Aeon Astron Europe B.V. acquired an exclusive license from the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) for the use of human skin equivalents for in vitro compound screening, safety testing,and development of new therapeutics. The human skin equivalents were developed by Dr. Abdoel El Ghalbzouri and Dr. Maria Ponec (now retired) of the Department of Dermatology of the LUMC. There is an increasing demand for alternatives to in vivo testing as a result of strict European legislation limiting the testing of newly developed products in animals. With the human skin equivalents, Biomimiq can now offer industry unique and customizable in vitro skin models as an alternative to animal testing.

The in vitro human skin equivalents match Aeon Astron Europe B.V.’s expertise in biomedical engineering and medical device development. This combinationprovides a strong foundation for Biomimiq for the development of new therapeutics and skin tissue regeneration solutions in humansin a rapid growing market.

International Biotechnology Company

Aeon Astron Europe B.V. is an international biotechnology company located in Leiden, the Netherlands. Founded in 2008,it is now a wholly owned subsidiary of BOBC, which was set up in 2007 and whose stock is currently listed at the Taiwan GreTai securities market. Aeon Astron Europe B.V. is dedicated to discovering, developing, producing and marketing state‐of‐the-art regenerative solutions to save lives as well as to restore and improve health.

ologen® Collagen Matrix, which is CE and FDA certified, is globally used in eye surgeries such as glaucoma and revision surgery. The product pipeline of Aeon Astron Europe B.V. expands across the fields of dermatology, ophthalmology and tissue engineering.

More information about Aeon Astron Europe B.V. is available at, www.biomimiq.comand

For further information, please contact Ingrid Vodegel, VP at tel. no.: +31 (0)71 332 2280, Skype: ingrid.vodegel or by e-mail ingrid.vodegel.


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