Bad news bike thieves

Next week the new VanMoof SmartBike will go live for preorder. It’s the smartest thing on wheels, and it’s designed to be smarter than your local bike thief, the weather, and keys.

The first 200 SmartBikes will come at a killer early-bird price, so make sure you’re first in line by signing up for SmartBike notifications now at

The SmartBike will ship with anti-theft parts, lock and tracking system that will make it terrifying to bike thieves. For our team though, that was just the beginning. If a thief is brilliant enough to get past all that, we promise to get your stolen bike back to you in two weeks, or replace it. It’s called the VanMoof Peace of Mind Guarantee, and we’re hoping it’ll put an end to bike-theft for good. Best of all, every SmartBike will get it free of charge for the first two years.

See all the SmartBike’s smart features, and full specs at


VanMoof bikes was featured at Taiwan Business Day 2014 because of their production and their innovative cooperation with technology suppliers in Taiwan.