Countdown to Bio Taiwan 2013. Come and Register now to meet important international players

Countdown to Bio Taiwan 2013. Come and Register now to meet important international players

Bio Taiwan 2013 kicks off on July 17 with the opening of Bio Business Asia (BBA) at Grand Hyatt Taipei, leading up to a full lineup of activities at TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall from July 18 to 21. This year’s new 5 in 1 event format features not only BBA, but also the Biotech Exhibition, Conference on Greater China Opportunity, One-on-One Partnering, and two plenary luncheons.

Latest updates:

A 30-member Japanese delegation, representing 6 major pharmaceutical and 5 biotech companies, will be one of the important international delegations at Bio Taiwan 2013. One of their mission is to present their Asian collaboration initiative, the Open Innovation Drug Development Platform, at the Half-day Japan Forum(R404) in Bio Taiwan on July 18.

The members of the Japan delegation include:
Dainippon Sumitomo
BIoMedCore Inc.
M Bio Technology Inc.
Microsystems Co., Ltd
Nomadic Bioscience Co., Ltd.
OP BIO Factory Co. Ltd.
Japan Bioindustry Association
The leaders of BIO Associations from Singapore, Hong Kong, China and India will also participate in a forum to discuss the regional cooperation opportunities. Jointed by IRPMA, Taiwan BIO also organized a roundtable meeting on how to leverage MNCs resources for advancing biotech/pharma industry. This forum will bring out ideas of how to make the total pie bigger for all stakeholders.

21 international biotech companies will present latest developments at BioBusiness Asia

More than 20 companies from the US, China, Netherlands, Singapore, UK, and Sweden will participate in BBA. In addition, Taiwanese biotech firms including PharmaEssentia Corp, PhytoHealth Corp, SynCore Bio will also introduce their latest R&D results in drug development at the forum. In addition, medical device and diagnostic firms such as cialis side effects AmCAD BioMed, Seda Chemical Products, and Excelsior Bio-System will present their novel CAD technology, non-invasive sleep
monitoring system, and an advanced allergen test with minimal blood sample requirements. Please refer to online updated BBA Agenda for details. The 21 presenting companies include:
AmCad BioMed Corporation
Asclepiumm Taiwan Co., Ltd.
ASLAN Pharmaceuticals
Aurora Imaging Technology, Inc.
CC Biotechnology Corporation
CrackerBio, Inc.
Excelsior Bio-System Corp.
Genesis Genetics Asia Corp.
Hongjing Biotechnology Inc.
JHL Biotech Inc.
K Cubic R&D Co., LTD.
Nanologica AB
PharmaEssentia Corp.
PhytoHealth Corporation
PlexBio Co., Ltd.
SEDA Chemical Products CO., LTD
Simpson Biotech Co., Ltd.
SynCore Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
TCB International Corporation
to-BBB technologies BV
Waterstone Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Conference on Greater China Opportunity

Bridging biotech and pharmaceutical sectors in Taiwan and China to create new opportunities is another key features of this year’s Bio Taiwan event. The speakers at the Conference on Greater China Opportunity, to be held on July 19, include several top executives from the following companies and organizations in China and Taiwan:
TTY Biopharm
ScinoPharm Taiwan
Coland Holdings
Genovate Biotechnology
SCPC Pharma
Taiwan Medical and Biotech Industry Association
Swissray Global
TCL Healthcare
Amoytop (To be confirmed)
China Association of Medical Equipment (To be confirmed)
BioScience Diagnostic Technology (To be confirmed

Biotech Patent Strategy Symposium offers continuing education credits

The growth in biologics and biosimilars has become an important opportunity for many pharmaceutical companies. However, it’s business has been marred by the complexity and uncertainty in regulatory and patent issues. An in-depth analysis of Biologics Price, Competition, and Innovate Act (BOCIA) and its associated market monopoly issues will be presented at the Biotech Patent Strategy Symposium at Bio Taiwan on July 19 by Finnegan. The symposium offers continuing education credits for all attended physicians.


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