ITRI-TGN-DIA event on 2014/3/27 at ITRI Turbo Accelerator

Workshop for ambitious entrepreneurs on the 27th (9:00-11:00) at ITRI in Hsinchu.

ITRI and TGN organise a workshop on internationalization for entrepreneurs who are poised for expansion in The Netherlands and Europe. Mr. Pim de Bokx will share his experience on internationalization and doing business in The Netherlands during this workshop that will also offer one-on-one coaching.
TGN will offer entrepreneurs to come to the Netherlands for the Taiwan Business Day 2014 on June 23d to meet potential partners and investors to help them expand in Europe.

Mr. Pim de Bokx’s Visit and Mentoring in ITRI on March 27, 2014
為協助台灣廠商布局歐洲市場,並獲得歐洲當地資源的協助,本院特邀Mr. Pim de Bokx (Pioneerz執行合夥人暨荷蘭育成協會主席暨EBN合夥人)來訪工研院,並與台灣廠商進行一對一的Mentoring,由於機會寶貴,名額有限的前提下,以此次會參加6月23日Taiwan Business Day的台灣廠商為優先。

每家台灣廠商會有20分鐘的時間,與Mr. Pim de Bokx進行一對一的諮詢,此次諮詢將以英文進行

時間:3/27(四) 09:00-11:00
地點:工研院中興院區 52館 316室 (新竹縣竹東鎮中興路4段195號)

歐盟商業創新中心網絡(European Business and Innovation Centre Network, EBN)成立於1984年,會員組成為由歐盟委員會、歐洲工業界領袖和泛歐地區企業與創新中心(Business and Innovation Centers, BICs)聯合成立,底下有350個左右的育成中心和科學園區,後來獨立出來,每年也會安排許多課程與參訪,是歐盟裡面最大的育成組織。


Contact Person: Eleanor Chuang 莊茵茵

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