Maritime Campus Den Helder

Maritime Campus Den Helder
The Maritime Campus Netherlands (MCN) is a collaboration between a number of research institutes, education institutes (from secondary vocational up to university level), businesses and government bodies.

MCN’s goal is to expand and strengthen the economic infrastructure in the north of the Province of Noord-Holland (‘Noord Holland Noord’) by establishing, developing, expanding and maintaining an authoritative international Marine, Maritime and Environmental Technological cluster based in the city of Den Helder Cialis.

The cluster will promote the sustainable use of the sea and the marine environment on the basis of the following starting points:


Research Universities, knowledge and expertise centres
Education VMBO (secondary vocational education), MBO (senior secondary vocational education), HBO (universities of applied sciences), WO (research universities)
Business Existing businesses, institutions, cooperatives, foundations and other collaborative organisations, start-ups and spin-offs
Government Municipalities, provinces, national government and the European Union


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