Press statement: Taipei-Utrecht MOU signed on Taiwan Business Day 2020

Press statement by Utrecht Region

Taipei-Utrecht MOU signed on Taiwan Business Day 2020, 8 October 2020

In a digital ceremony, Ms. Shan Shan Huang, Deputy Mayor of Taipei City, and Mr. Klaas Verschuure, vice mayor of the city of Utrecht and representative of Utrecht Region signed an agreement on economic cooperation.

Vice mayor Verschuure signs the agreement on behalf of the Utrecht Region. At the same time, Deputy Mayor Huang of Taipei City signs the agreement as well. 

Signed at the same time in Taipei and Utrecht, the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) promotes and supports the exchange of teams of young entrepreneurs from startups and small and medium-sized enterprises to the mutual markets.

Concretely, teams from Taipei will be invited to participate in the Utrecht Region Health Accelerator Program (URHAP). Teams from Utrecht Region will be welcomed at the Global Startup Talents @ Taipei Program.

Vice mayor Klaas Verschuure: “I am very happy to sign this MoU on behalf of our region. Participation in these respective programs will help our young entrepreneurs in the development of their products and services, their businesses, and in the access to international markets. At the same time, it will allow like-minded entrepreneurs from Taiwan to get to know us better and to innovate and do business here. In the Utrecht Region, The Netherlands, and Europe. Against the background of our economic challenges due to COVID19, this initiative has become particularly relevant. I welcome it wholeheartedly.”

The conclusion of this MoU is part of a broader economic and innovation cooperation between the Utrecht Region and Taipei City.

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