Trade mission to Taiwan: Sustainability

Trade mission to Taiwan: Sustainability

Take place on: 23 June 2014
Latest registration before: 14 May 2014

23-28 June

From 23-28 June 2014, the Joint Business Council (JBC) Taiwan of The Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion (NCH) will organise an outbound mission to Taiwan, together with partner organisation World Trade Centre, The Hague. Participants will be the Dutch authorities and Dutch companies from different sectors.

Our partners in Taiwan, i.e. the Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association (CIECA) and the Netherlands Trade & Investment Office (NTIO) in Taipei, will arrange a specific programme for the participants with emphasis on different networking seminars, visits to exhibitions and individual matchmaking appointments.

Who should join this mission?

  • Companies in sustainable energy – wind, solar, hydropower
  • Companies in the creative sector, e.g. architecture, textile and consumer goods
  • Companies in the food processing industry
  • Institutes of Higher Education with emphasis on sustainability

Why join this mission?
Taiwan is a small island with limited natural resources and a highly industrialised economy. Taiwan faces similar challenges as The Netherlands in terms of lack of land, water and other natural resources. The authorities of Taiwan and the business sectors are very aware of the consequences of non-green production and take great measures to keep the island green. There are increasing opportunities in the green sector. We would like to combine sustainability with real business opportunities.

One of the sectors in which opportunities exist is the offshore wind energy sector. The offshore wind energy sector is a very important one in Taiwan as the Taiwanese want to be less dependent on fossil fuels and would like to develop the whole chain of suppliers in this field to be competitive in the world. Taiwan is aiming for offshore wind capacity of 600MW by 2020 and 3GW by 2030. This offers opportunities for cooperation with the Taiwanese counterparts.

The other sector in which Dutch companies have a good chance of cooperation with the Taiwanese is sustainable design. The Taiwanese manufacturers are good in production. However, when it comes to design and brand marketing, they need more help in establishing the link to the European market and creating a clearer image of what their products stand for. The Dutch are well-known for their creativity and the creative industry. Dutch companies can benefit by sharing their expertise and knowledge with the production companies in Taiwan and there is a real need from the Taiwanese manufacturers to link up with companies that are strong in design and in incorporating sustainability concepts into design. We would like to make this connection a reality.

For the food industry, there would be visits to the Foodtech & Pharmatech Taipei, Taipei Pack , Taiwan Horeca and Halal Taiwan which are held from 25-28 June. There is a growing concern of the Food quality, food packaging t and the industry is looking for a more sustainable way of production, packaging and minimizing the impact of the food industry on the ecosystem.

For members of the Netherlands Taiwan Joint Business Council: EUR 1.750,– (excluding VAT) per person.
For non-members: EUR 2.000.– (excluding VAT) per person.

Above fees include: local transportation (excluding train tickets), organization costs of the NCH, the catering and venue costs during all matchmaking events., one dinner, but exclude costs for travel (i.e. airfare, hotel, bus, meals, VISA and any other personal expenses).

The BTC Group, partner of the NCH, is pleased to offer a collective travel program: please contact Mr. Hans van Buuren: / +31 (0)343-432309

You may register for this mission via this application form.

Questions about the program? Please contact Ms. Lee Nah Lim: 070-3441553

Current program of this mission
22 June
Departure to Taiwan
23 June
Arrival in Taiwan. Evening: Welcome dinner by CIECA
24 June
21st Taiwan Netherlands Joint Business Council meeting, afternoon: Match making/Group discussion
For the Offshore Wind Energy group/ Design companies/Food Processing companies – programme will be tailor-made.
25 June
Visit to Offshore Wind Energy companies i.e. China Steel, Taiwan power etc.
Visit to Food Tech & Pharmatech Taipei
26 June
Visit to Taiwan Energy and Wind Power company (names to be confirmed)
27 June
Morning visit to the Bureau of Energy
Afternoon visit to National Museum/sightseeing
28 June
Departure to Amsterdam

This program is subject to change; the order of appointments may vary.


Trade mission to Taiwan 23-28 june 2014.pdf

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