Webinar: Taiwan-Europe Space Accelerator Hub Connection

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For more information on support for Space-connected innovation and entrepreneurship, plsese visit the SpaceSeed website.

Within the European Space sector, complementary to the European Space Agency, and spanning across many EU member states, exists a robust network of public and private space industry researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators and investors. Within this ecosystem, there are many opportunities for ‘space-connected’ startups to develop their business and grow. The space connection encompasses the use of space systems (telecom, navigation, earth observation), the transfer of technologies from and to the space sector, and the development of space technologies and systems such as minisatellites.

Space Accelerator aims to help these startups, of all sectors of industry, to achieve this growth, through providing business coaching, scalability,  internationalization, access to finance as well as the technical platforms and support to help entrepreneurs improve and/or diversify their products.

The space sector and the use of space assets also present a promising area of development for Taiwanese industries. With established competitive advantages in telecommunication and semiconductor technologies, Taiwanese innovators might recognize parallels and opportunities from observing examples of successful business cases and best practices in the European space ecosystem. At stake, the Taiwenese-European collaboration in these ‘space-connected’ areas, will allow more economical development by offering start-ups in both continents, access to more international markets.   

Bruno Naulais is the co-founder and was the manager of the Network of European Space Business Incubation Centers at the European Space Agency (ESA BIC), which has been connecting space innovation centres and incubators all across European Union member states since 1999. Philippe Lattes is a seasoned engineering expert and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the European space technology sector, and is also the project manager at ESA BIC Sud France. At the webinar on February 1st 2021, the two experts will provide their insights on the European space entrepreneurship environment, as well as discuss the implications of these insights for interested innovators in Taiwan, with Taiwanese industry leaders such as Dr. Jong Shinn Wu of the Advanced Rocket Research Center, and Dr. Leo Lee of GO SMART & Startup Terrace Taiwan.