• Lucky winners Taiwan Explorer Awards-TBD19

    Congratulations! Thanks to the sponsoring from China Airlines and EVA Air, our four Lucky winners Taiwan Explorer Awards-TBD19 Taiwan Explorer Awards Ceremony took place, where the winners could prepare for a 1-week (Silver) or 2-week (Gold) business explorer trip to Taiwan where ITRI/Tiger Accelerator will arrange the soft-landing program in Taiwan for them. Taiwan Explorer […]

  • Banner Taiwan Business Day 2019 + ESIL Open Day

    30-09-2019 Smart Landing – Real Business #TBD19

    For the 8th time TGN organizes Taiwan Business Day in The Netherlands, the main event for Dutch entrepreneurs to learn about the culture and business opportunities in Taiwan. This year’s special attention will go to the theme ‘Smart Landing! Real Business!’ – on how soft landing programs in Taiwan can be effectively used to grow […]


    Do you have the ambition to expand your innovative business to Europe? Having a private investor on board is a crucial advantage because of the combination of finance and industry knowledge plus network. Therefore Tiger Accelerator has teamed up with Business Angel Connect (Netherlands, Germany) and Business Angels Europe (Europe) to offer you value adding […]

  • Netherlands and Taiwanese business people networking during Taiwan Business Day 2018 in Utrecht

    #TBD18 – Entrepreneurs from across the globe Mix & Match for Health Innovations

    On 2nd Oct 2018, about 150 Taiwanese & Dutch entrepreneurs participated in the event Taiwan Business Day 2018, to understand the opportunities in Taiwan and the Netherlands and help with potential business expansion strategy. This year’s focus was on Healthy living. 

  • Taiwan innovations on StartupFest Health Utrecht Jaarbeurs

    UTRECHT 26-09-2018 – TGN has gathered Taiwanese companies to take the opportunity of the StartupFest Health’18 conference to showcase their inventions for healthcare and a healthy lifestyle. With nine of them coming all the way over to Utrecht, it is the largest delegation from abroad participating at the Taiwan Innovation Pavillion. Healthy inventions at Taiwan […]

Taiwanese Innovation Demo in Dutch eHealth Week 20190122

今年一共 7 家台企受邀參加荷蘭健康周 Utrecht 地區的比賽活動。由於2019年荷蘭大健康主題是營養,睡眠,和運動,這些構成我們平日的生活形態(life style)。評審主要是看技術的成熟性,可行性,成長性,并實際應用在 Utrecht 地區的可行性。 台荷加速器和Utrecht 夥伴所共同篩選的 7 家台企不相上下。由於 Uzelf 衹提供一位免費利用 FastForward50 項目,在50天之内,試用在50人身上的獎項,爲了更公平的選出最幸運的台企,我們決定提供此7 家台企,每家一個半小時的免費咨詢時間,通過討論,最後再選出得獎名單。 台荷加速器也簡單介紹台灣的高科技實力,并可成爲荷蘭企業進入亞洲市場的門戶。會後參加此活動的天使投資,創投和補貼顧問,都表示對協助台企赴歐洲發展有高度的興趣。所以台荷加速器樂意繼續協助台企媒合歐洲有用的資源,包括市場,資金和落地的機會。台荷加速器協助台企利用共同研發,進入市場,取得資金和設立歐洲當地公司(才得以享受申請歐盟經費的資格)等不同階段的服務,協助台企臨距離,低成本的發展歐洲市場。 請隨時關注台荷加速器的活動,捷足先登,取得進入歐洲市場的門票! 台企取得參賽資格 進軍2019荷蘭數位健康週        

Taiwanese innovation demo in Dutch eHealth Week 2019

Let’s congratulate 5 Taiwanese companies, who will pitch in Dutch eHealth Week 2019! The winner will be selected by the evaluation committee to Win Access to European Healthcare Market!  Date: January 22, 2019, see more As below, please refer to English translation of the program of  Care Innovation Region Utrecht (in Dutch: Zorginnovatieprijs regio Utrecht) organized to […]

Tiger Growth Forum 2019 February 11th. Taipei Co-Space, 16:00 – 19:00 Hrs TW

Tiger Growth Forum 台荷成長論壇 Date: February 11th., 2019 Time: 16:00 – 19:00 Hrs TW Venue: Taipei Co-Space 臺北創新實驗室 Theme: WHY and HOW to enter Europe 為何/如何進入歐洲市場   Register here Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/287665532106966/ Download flyer: Tiger Growth Forum February 1th. Nelson Farfan Espada copy Tiger Accelerator has launched Tiger Growth Forum since 2019. We will invite the keynote speakers to present all the important […]

Win access to European Healthcare market

On 22 January 2019, 12:00-14:00 CET (19:00-21:00 TW) Taiwanese companies will have the exclusive opportunity to win a complete product validation program, FastForward50, that helps you adapt your product and business model to fit the Dutch Healthcare market. The professional jury will have special attention for self-management solutions fitting this year’s theme ‘enjoy Eat, Sleep, […]


12 MedTech Startups present medical innovations @MEDICA (DE) on Nov. 12, 2018 The World Economic Forum (WEF) identifies Taiwan as one of four Super Innovators globally TAIPEI, NOVEMBER 1, 2018 – 12 of the most promising startups from Taiwan will be presenting their products on Monday, November 12, at 10AM at Taiwan MedTech Networking @MEDICA […]