• 2019 Taiwan Ophthalmic Forum – Eyes on Future

    TAIPEI, June 25 2019 – On the 16th of September 2019 in Paris, five world leading ophthalmic innovators organise an exclusive event in the Mercure Port Versailles to connect with the most advanced medical organisations in Europe. If your organization wants to be in the front seat, obtain your personal invitation quickly, the numbers are […]

  • TBD19

    01-10-2019 Smart Landing – Real Business #TBD19

    For the 8th time TGN organizes Taiwan Business Day in The Netherlands, the main event for Dutch entrepreneurs to learn about the culture and business opportunities in Taiwan. This year’s special attention will go to the theme ‘Smart Landing! Real Business!’ – on how soft landing programs in Taiwan can be effectively used to grow […]


    Do you have the ambition to expand your innovative business to Europe? Having a private investor on board is a crucial advantage because of the combination of finance and industry knowledge plus network. Therefore Tiger Accelerator has teamed up with Business Angel Connect (Netherlands, Germany) and Business Angels Europe (Europe) to offer you value adding […]

  • Netherlands and Taiwanese business people networking during Taiwan Business Day 2018 in Utrecht

    #TBD18 – Entrepreneurs from across the globe Mix & Match for Health Innovations

    On 2nd Oct 2018, about 150 Taiwanese & Dutch entrepreneurs participated in the event Taiwan Business Day 2018, to understand the opportunities in Taiwan and the Netherlands and help with potential business expansion strategy. This year’s focus was on Healthy living. 

  • Taiwan innovations on StartupFest Health Utrecht Jaarbeurs

    UTRECHT 26-09-2018 – TGN has gathered Taiwanese companies to take the opportunity of the StartupFest Health’18 conference to showcase their inventions for healthcare and a healthy lifestyle. With nine of them coming all the way over to Utrecht, it is the largest delegation from abroad participating at the Taiwan Innovation Pavillion. Healthy inventions at Taiwan […]

Taiwan Innovation Day 2018-帶領IC設計業者前進歐洲搶商機 竹科全力助攻

2018 年 3月9日荷蘭烏特列支市 帶領IC設計業者前進歐洲搶商機 竹科全力助攻 放眼國際大型產業展會,及各大廠商的未來發展趨勢,在人工智慧、AR/VR、無人化操作、及各領域的物聯網應用等技術不斷快速成長的情況下,新竹科學園區管理局將帶領區內IC設計廠商,於3月赴荷蘭、法國丶英國,與當地廠商進行商業媒合,及技術合作等洽談,以協助國內IC設計業者於歐陸的拓展,並發掘潛在合作夥伴。 此次在荷蘭的媒合部分,安排於3月9日在烏特列支市 Jaarbeurs Innovation Mile (JIM) 進行 Taiwan Innovation Day (臺灣創新日) 的商業媒合活動,受到烏特列支市高度重視,並由該市經濟發展局局長歡迎來自臺灣IC設計產業代表。此次媒合活動透過當地組織「台灣企業國際化協助網絡」(Taiwan Globalization Network – TGN) 和 JIM 協助,鏈結有意願媒合的荷蘭企業,共有50人以上的參與人數,媒合的產業領域包括: 老人長照科技、智慧城市、智慧家庭、智慧工廠等應用,對臺灣IC設計廠商於荷蘭地區的商業拓展,有相當大的助益。 此次出訪活動也將參加於英國舉辦的「Wearable Technology Show(WTS)」,以獲得穿戴式智慧裝置、物聯網等市場發展新趨勢。竹科管理局表示,希望透過此計畫的協助,讓園區IC設計廠商得以拓展至全球,將市場技術的需求導入產品發展方向,並獲得訂單等實質效益,展現台灣半導體產業的新契機。

Taiwan Innovation Day 2018: IC design companies from Hsinchu Science Park Taiwan start a dialogue with European companies

  Press Release – Utrecht 9 March 2018 Hsinchu Science Park Taiwan which focuses on international large-scale industrial exhibitions and future development trends of the major manufacturers supports the IC design industry to grab opportunities in Europe. Visiting the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom during 8 – 16 March 2018, the Hsinchu Science Park […]

Taiwan Innovation Day 2018: IC-designbedrijven van het Hsinchu Science Park Taiwan in Utrecht

Press release, Utrecht 9 Maart 2018   Hsinchu Science Park Taiwan, dat zich richt op internationale grootschalige industriële exposities en toekomstige ontwikkelingstrends van de grote fabrikanten, ondersteunt de IC-ontwerpindustrie om nieuwe kansen in Europa te grijpen. Tijdens een bezoek van 8 – 16 maart 2018 aan Nederland, Frankrijk en het Verenigd Koninkrijk, brengt het Hsinchu […]

Startup Global Program @Garage+, Taiwan: May 31 to June 13, 2018

The first batch of Startup Global Program(SGP) 2018 just kicked off. We very much welcome growth-stage startups in AI & Big Data, IoT & Smart Devices, Digital Health, AR & VR, Robotics, Green Tech, etc. I would like to seek your support in recommending SGP to the startup communities around you. More information, please download: […]

Invitation to Taiwan Innovation Day-Friday 9th March, 2018 (9:30-12:00 CET)

Invitation to Taiwan Innovation Day                                                                          Registration Form Date: Friday 9th March, 2018 (9:30-12:00 CET) Location: Jaarbeurs Innovation Mile (JIM) Address: Jaarbeursplein 6, 3521 AL Utrecht (Phone: +31 30 295 5911) Program: Business collaboration and matchmaking between Taiwanese IC design companies and European enterprises. Sector: We will be focusing on: smart health, IoT, AR/VR, automotive electronics. […]