• Lucky winners Taiwan Explorer Awards-TBD19

    Congratulations! Thanks to the sponsoring from China Airlines and EVA Air, our four Lucky winners Taiwan Explorer Awards-TBD19 Taiwan Explorer Awards Ceremony took place, where the winners could prepare for a 1-week (Silver) or 2-week (Gold) business explorer trip to Taiwan where ITRI/Tiger Accelerator will arrange the soft-landing program in Taiwan for them. Taiwan Explorer […]

  • Banner Taiwan Business Day 2019 + ESIL Open Day

    30-09-2019 Smart Landing – Real Business #TBD19

    For the 8th time TGN organizes Taiwan Business Day in The Netherlands, the main event for Dutch entrepreneurs to learn about the culture and business opportunities in Taiwan. This year’s special attention will go to the theme ‘Smart Landing! Real Business!’ – on how soft landing programs in Taiwan can be effectively used to grow […]


    Do you have the ambition to expand your innovative business to Europe? Having a private investor on board is a crucial advantage because of the combination of finance and industry knowledge plus network. Therefore Tiger Accelerator has teamed up with Business Angel Connect (Netherlands, Germany) and Business Angels Europe (Europe) to offer you value adding […]

  • Netherlands and Taiwanese business people networking during Taiwan Business Day 2018 in Utrecht

    #TBD18 – Entrepreneurs from across the globe Mix & Match for Health Innovations

    On 2nd Oct 2018, about 150 Taiwanese & Dutch entrepreneurs participated in the event Taiwan Business Day 2018, to understand the opportunities in Taiwan and the Netherlands and help with potential business expansion strategy. This year’s focus was on Healthy living. 

  • Taiwan innovations on StartupFest Health Utrecht Jaarbeurs

    UTRECHT 26-09-2018 – TGN has gathered Taiwanese companies to take the opportunity of the StartupFest Health’18 conference to showcase their inventions for healthcare and a healthy lifestyle. With nine of them coming all the way over to Utrecht, it is the largest delegation from abroad participating at the Taiwan Innovation Pavillion. Healthy inventions at Taiwan […]

Acusense to improve Hemodialysis

One of the terrible things happening while treating patients with kidney failure during Hemodialysis is the leakage of blood when the needle gets dislodged. With the smart sensor patch of Acusense this will be a problem of the past. The complete system can monitor 20 patients simultaneously making use of wireless Bluetooth connections. Thanks to […]

Top MedTech Startups aus Taiwan @Medica

Die taiwanesische Regierung wird am 12. November 2018 während der Medica Tradefair in Düsseldorf 12 ausgewählte Medizintechnik-Startups vorstellen. Die taiwanesische Regierung lädt interessierte Organisationen und Unternehmen ein, an der Veranstaltung ‘2018 Taiwan Medtech Networking @Medica’ teilzunehmen und die Möglichkeiten zu bewerten. In Zusammenarbeit mit COMDEK, einem der weltweit führenden Oximeterhersteller, schafft die taiwanesische Regierung eine […]

Puriblood safeguarding your blood

In healthcare the smallest things can bring disaster. Leucocytes, or White Blood cells, are the counter agents in our blood defending us against foreign substances and disease. There are several types but the point is that during blood transfusion these counter agents can be overwhelming the receiving blood system. For that reason tests are used […]

Invitation Tiger Accelerator Opening @ Taipei Co-Space

Tiger Accelerator Opening, November 15, 2018 @ Taipei Co-Space  台荷加速器開幕交流會, 2018年11月15日@ 臺北創新實驗室 Date 日期: Thursday, November 15, 2018, 周四 2018年11月15日 Time 時間: 9:30 – 12:00 Venue 地點: Taipei CoSpace (Big Conference Room)  臺北創新實驗室2F大會議室 Address 地址: 2F, No. 12, Zhouzi Street, Neihu District, Taipei City, Taiwan 114 臺北市內湖區洲子街12號2樓 Agenda 活動流程: Moderator: tbc 09:15 – 09:30 Registration 報名 Opening Event 開幕交流會 09:30 […]

2018台灣商機日 新聞稿 by TGN      

2018台灣商機日 新聞稿 by TGN                                     謝孟樺 撰稿 台灣與荷蘭有許多相似點,除了四百年的貿易往來關係,兩者皆為所屬區域(亞洲、歐洲)的入口,對於想前往中國大陸、日本大展身手的外資企業,台灣也提供一個優良的軟著陸商業環境。 2018年10月2日,由「台灣企業國際化協助網絡Taiwan Globolization Network-TGN」籌辦的台灣商業日在荷蘭中部的烏特勒支Utrecht Jaarbeurs熱鬧舉行。有超過80多位與會者參加,各方英雄好漢包含來荷蘭尋找商機的台灣商人、即將畢業尋找機會的留學生、台北代表處經濟組、烏特勒支市政府的投資局,各方英雄都在這個平台上摩拳擦掌,不放棄任何商機媒合的機會,幫助中小企業充分認識到潛在可利用的政府資源和經濟補貼機會,快速技術創新成長與國際化的機會。