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Taiwan Innovation Day 2018-帶領IC設計業者前進歐洲搶商機 竹科全力助攻

2018 年 3月9日荷蘭烏特列支市 帶領IC設計業者前進歐洲搶商機 竹科全力助攻 放眼國際大型產業展會,及各大廠商的未來發展趨勢,在人工智慧、AR/VR、無人化操作、及各領域的物聯網應用等技術不斷快速成長的情況下,新竹科學園區管理局將帶領區內IC設計廠商,於3月赴荷蘭、法國丶英國,與當地廠商進行商業媒合,及技術合作等洽談,以協助國內IC設計業者於歐陸的拓展,並發掘潛在合作夥伴。 此次在荷蘭的媒合部分,安排於3月9日在烏特列支市 Jaarbeurs Innovation Mile (JIM) 進行 Taiwan Innovation Day (臺灣創新日) 的商業媒合活動,受到烏特列支市高度重視,並由該市經濟發展局局長歡迎來自臺灣IC設計產業代表。此次媒合活動透過當地組織「台灣企業國際化協助網絡」(Taiwan Globalization Network – TGN) 和 JIM 協助,鏈結有意願媒合的荷蘭企業,共有50人以上的參與人數,媒合的產業領域包括: 老人長照科技、智慧城市、智慧家庭、智慧工廠等應用,對臺灣IC設計廠商於荷蘭地區的商業拓展,有相當大的助益。 此次出訪活動也將參加於英國舉辦的「Wearable Technology Show(WTS)」,以獲得穿戴式智慧裝置、物聯網等市場發展新趨勢。竹科管理局表示,希望透過此計畫的協助,讓園區IC設計廠商得以拓展至全球,將市場技術的需求導入產品發展方向,並獲得訂單等實質效益,展現台灣半導體產業的新契機。

Taiwan Innovation Day 2018: IC design companies from Hsinchu Science Park Taiwan start a dialogue with European companies

  Press Release – Utrecht 9 March 2018 Hsinchu Science Park Taiwan which focuses on international large-scale industrial exhibitions and future development trends of the major manufacturers supports the IC design industry to grab opportunities in Europe. Visiting the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom during 8 – 16 March 2018, the Hsinchu Science Park […]

Taiwan Innovation Day 2018: IC-designbedrijven van het Hsinchu Science Park Taiwan in Utrecht

Press release, Utrecht 9 Maart 2018   Hsinchu Science Park Taiwan, dat zich richt op internationale grootschalige industriële exposities en toekomstige ontwikkelingstrends van de grote fabrikanten, ondersteunt de IC-ontwerpindustrie om nieuwe kansen in Europa te grijpen. Tijdens een bezoek van 8 – 16 maart 2018 aan Nederland, Frankrijk en het Verenigd Koninkrijk, brengt het Hsinchu […]

Startup Global Program @Garage+, Taiwan: May 31 to June 13, 2018

The first batch of Startup Global Program(SGP) 2018 just kicked off. We very much welcome growth-stage startups in AI & Big Data, IoT & Smart Devices, Digital Health, AR & VR, Robotics, Green Tech, etc. I would like to seek your support in recommending SGP to the startup communities around you. More information, please download: […]

Invitation to Taiwan Innovation Day-Friday 9th March, 2018 (9:30-12:00 CET)

Invitation to Taiwan Innovation Day                                                                          Registration Form Date: Friday 9th March, 2018 (9:30-12:00 CET) Location: Jaarbeurs Innovation Mile (JIM) Address: Jaarbeursplein 6, 3521 AL Utrecht (Phone: +31 30 295 5911) Program: Business collaboration and matchmaking between Taiwanese IC design companies and European enterprises. Sector: We will be focusing on: smart health, IoT, AR/VR, automotive electronics. […]

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