• Opportunities in the age of crisis #TBD20

    Taiwan Business Day (TBD20) is now part of V-booth: Taiwan Innovation Fair & Share (7 October – November 6, 2020). For the 9th time, TGN organizes Taiwan Business Day in The Netherlands, the main event for Dutch entrepreneurs to learn about the culture and business opportunities in Taiwan. This year’s special attention will go to the theme […]

  • Lucky winners Taiwan Explorer Awards-TBD19

    Congratulations! Thanks to the sponsoring from China Airlines and EVA Air, our four Lucky winners Taiwan Explorer Awards-TBD19 Taiwan Explorer Awards Ceremony took place, where the winners could prepare for a 1-week (Silver) or 2-week (Gold) business explorer trip to Taiwan where ITRI/Tiger Accelerator will arrange the soft-landing program in Taiwan for them. Taiwan Explorer […]

  • Banner Taiwan Business Day 2019 + ESIL Open Day

    30-09-2019 Smart Landing – Real Business #TBD19

    For the 8th time TGN organizes Taiwan Business Day in The Netherlands, the main event for Dutch entrepreneurs to learn about the culture and business opportunities in Taiwan. This year’s special attention will go to the theme ‘Smart Landing! Real Business!’ – on how soft landing programs in Taiwan can be effectively used to grow […]


    Do you have the ambition to expand your innovative business to Europe? Having a private investor on board is a crucial advantage because of the combination of finance and industry knowledge plus network. Therefore Tiger Accelerator has teamed up with Business Angel Connect (Netherlands, Germany) and Business Angels Europe (Europe) to offer you value adding […]

  • Netherlands and Taiwanese business people networking during Taiwan Business Day 2018 in Utrecht

    #TBD18 – Entrepreneurs from across the globe Mix & Match for Health Innovations

    On 2nd Oct 2018, about 150 Taiwanese & Dutch entrepreneurs participated in the event Taiwan Business Day 2018, to understand the opportunities in Taiwan and the Netherlands and help with potential business expansion strategy. This year’s focus was on Healthy living. 

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Crossroads 2020: Best Practice in Soft-Landing Programs between Taiwan and the Netherlands

Crossroads 2020 is a 4-day event initiated by StartupUtrecht, with the aim of creating opportunities  for startups, scaleups, corporates, investors and other stakeholders in different entrepreneurship ecosystems to connect with each other and share innovative ideas.  Download all slides here Within the framework of  Crossroads 2020, TGN & Tiger Accelerator organized the ‘Best Practice in […]

Webinar: Soft Power from Taiwan — Great Opportunity to Connect with the Asian Market

The ‘Soft Power from Taiwan: Great Opportunity to Connect with the Asian Market’ webinar was organized by the Southern Taiwan Industry Promotion Center (STIPC) and TGN. The event took place on October 27 2020. During the webinar, leaders from STIPC and innovators from Taiwanese start-ups introduced Taiwan’s technology entrepreneurship ecosystem to an international audience in […]

Pitching for Expansion: Health & Medtech 2020

Pitching for Expansion (P4E) is a joint initiative by Business Angel Europe, Tiger Accelerator & TGN. It is an event where companies in Europe and Asia with the ambition for international expansion present their pitches to investors, providers of loans and subsidies as well as to other business experts specialized in internationalization.  The P4E session […]

Pitching for Expansion Health & Medtech October 23, 2020, live streaming

「醫療/生醫科技與健康產業新創公司(5-6家)業務拓展(Start-up Pitching for Expansion Health & Medtech) 網路發表會」!10/23 台灣時間16- 17:00, 歐洲時間10-11:00) 除了臉書直播外: https://www.taiwanglobalization.net/news/p4ehealth 還能透過 微軟的 Teams 網路會議平台加入: You may join by Teams https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19:meeting_NTg5ZTk3ZjQtZWUwYi00MmYxLWE1YzctYTY4OTYwNWVmZDdj@thread.v2/0?context=%7B%22Tid%22:%22012a153b-734f-4c66-b851-7d387ef86ddb%22,%22Oid%22:%222a3f70e9-b6be-47a9-84a0-465e9a73f7c4%22%7D

Agenda-Pitching for Expansion Health & Medtech 2020Q4

Agenda: Pitching for Expansion Health & Medtech 2020Q4 Friday October 23, 10:00-11:00 CET (16:00-17:00TW) TGN Facebook Live Stream link is available now! it’s here: https://www.facebook.com/TaiwanGlobalizationNetwork/posts/1857270067747064 Background The Coronavirus has left us all with feelings of uncertainty about the future. However, during Taiwan Innovation Fair & Share 2020 we offer you the opportunity to come in contact […]

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