Next Generation Eye treatment from Lightmed in Paris

On September 16th the next generation YAG/SLT treatment center will be presented at ESCRS in Paris. During the parallel organized Taiwan Ophthalmic Forum 2019 distributors and value-added partners have the exclusive opportunity to meet Sales Director Sera Liao.

TruScan Pro –new standard for eye treatment

With the TruScan Pro introduction, Lightmed – a Taiwan-USA Ophthalmic devices manufacturer –improves the work of ophthalmologists dramatically. In consultation with their customer base, Ligthmed learned from ophthalmologists that they wanted a single user-friendly laser console that could be optimized for their practice and hospital needs instead of having several devices to work with. Now there is the option to invest only once and have state-of-the-art treatments available for a wide range of eye disorders.

Lightmed – Ophthalmology Innovator

Eye Care is growing rapidly worldwide, especially in advanced economies with aging populations. Laser technologies have been used and perfected over the past few decades to treat and/or correct the eye’s retina, lens and its surrounding capsular bag. Technology advances Lightmed is leading result in higher accuracy, faster recovery, and more comfort for the patient. With one device treatments of glaucoma,  retinal detachment, macular hole, epiretinal membrane and complications related to diabetic retinopathy can be performed.

Lightmed’s SP-Mode Sub-Threshold Pulse Technology, with various available patterns, speed up treatments immensely and are very comfortable for patients. Excellent optics give clear visualization even in the far periphery. As a matter effect, TruScan Pro is the world’s first and fastest pattern-scanning photocoagulator with four customizable wavelengths in one device. At ESCRS Lightmed will demonstrate it’s top of the line TruScan Pro YAG/SLT/577 Combo System with Vitreolysis for Ophthalmologists to get acquainted with the advantages of this next generation integrated treatment center.

Taiwan Ophthalmic Forum – Eyes on the Future
Paris, 16/09/2019 16:00-19:00 more info

Interested to make these innovative diagnostic instruments part of your distribution portfolio, want to meet the people behind these innovations, like Sales Director Sera Liao? Ask us to be invited for this exclusive occasion.