By Cindy Liao on July 22, 2016 in 社會 & 文化 Teafolks榮獲國際風味品質評鑑iTQi的肯定,今年於布魯塞爾與多家大廠一起授獎。 (來源:Dave Chiu提供) 台灣茶好喝,也是大家常帶給國外親朋好友的首選伴手禮之一。然而,我們引以為傲的台灣茶,卻總是在世界茶品舞台上缺席。就在今年初,位於布魯塞爾公園內的Cercle Royal Gaulois內正舉行一場iTQi(International Taste and Quality Institute國際風味品質評鑑所)的頒獎典禮,席間冠蓋雲集,來自世界各地的知名食品飲料廠商如日本的朝日啤酒、札幌啤酒、明治乳業;美國的都樂、可口可樂、BACARDI酒廠;荷蘭的Jumbo、海尼根、聯合立華;德國的MBG、法國的家樂福、Delifrance;英國的STOCK等等皆參與此會。其中,在這些世界老牌前只是資淺卻備受矚目的,莫過於新創公司Teafolks,以台灣茶葉泡製的新茶飲Golden Jasmine Iced Tea獲得了The Superior Taste Award一等星獎(註1)。

Make Your Innovation in Taiwan!

Taiwan in Utrecht

Taiwan Business Day 2016 UTRECHT 26 SEPTEMBER Do you own or manage an innovative start-up, small or medium sized company, and are you considering opportunities abroad? Meet your potential business partners and support organizations for the Far East – during an intensive afternoon seminar. Why Taiwan?  Taiwan is world leader in many innovative technologies and […]

Taiwan & EU Join Forces on 5G Communications

Taiwan-EU 5G cooperation

The EU-Taiwan 5G Workshop was held in Taipei in early June to share the status and outlook of EU-Taiwan 5G collaboration including Targeted Opening Call and participation in international 5G standards. Participants including DG CONNECT officials and experts from ITRI, Ericsson, Nokia, Foxconn, and MediaTek gathered to discuss the global trends of 5G technology development. […]

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