Join us at: EBN Congress 28-30 October in Brussels ‘The New Frontiers’

EBN Congress will focus on a few key frontiers, the major places of innovation and entrepreneurship that we see from our members and from the market. Interestingly, many of our activities and projects cross multiple frontiers, adding an extra dimension to the challenges faced by today’s entrepreneurs and innovators. Digital Frontiers Digital is everywhere. No […]

Taiwan Sets up Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center in Silicon Valley

Taiwan will become the first Asian nation to open a state-sponsored innovation office at Silicon Valley this June 26. The Taiwan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) will be based in San Jose, California and will focus in establishing links between Taiwanese startup teams with entrepreneurs, venture capital firms and accelerators in one of the world’s most famous technology hubs. For that purpose, […]

Startup support company Rockstart debuts global accelerator in Singapore

Netherlands-based startup support network Rockstart announced today it is bringing its accelerator program to Singapore. The company already provides workspaces, mentorship, and networking events at its home base in Amsterdam. It also hosts networking events in several countries throughout Europe and startup initiatives such as its Impact program in emerging countries like Nepal. Rockstart aims […]

Meet Taiwan Entrepreneurs in Technical Textiles, ICT, Green Energy & Clean-tech in The Hague – 8 May 2015

Taiwan, a small island of 23.2 million people is not considered a small player when it comes to electronics, technical materials, new technologies, semi-conductors and many other industries. The Netherlands – Taiwan Joint Business Council, in its 21st  year, is proud to organize this seminar for you to meet the delegation from the Technical Textile, […]


2015年04月06日 04:10 中國時報 (執筆:謝錦芳) 荷蘭恩荷芬市智慧港一景。(恩荷芬市政府提供) 荷蘭恩荷芬市(Eindhoven)市長羅伯.范海索(Rob van Gijzel,謝錦芳攝) 荷蘭恩荷芬市(Eindhoven)為歐洲科技重鎮,電子大廠飛利浦發源地,曾被「全球智慧生活聯盟」評選為2011年全球最智慧城市,市長羅伯.范海索(Rob van Gijzel,見圖,謝錦芳攝)接受專訪時指出,「許多人以為智慧城市就是以科技來改善人們的生活,但我認為民眾的參與是關鍵。」 恩荷芬位於荷蘭南部,為荷蘭第5大城,約72萬多人,是培育荷蘭工業設計人才的搖籃。除了空港、海港之外,荷蘭進一步推動智慧港(Brainport),強調創新、跨國策略聯盟與產官學研之間的合作,以因應氣候變遷、人口老化、食品與能源需求日增等問題,希望2020年晉升歐洲第三大經濟體。 同時擔任智慧港基金會主席的范海索,領導智慧港開發公司與產業、學研機構合作共同強化智慧港的科技領域。他指出,「智慧城市不只是科技,而是必須讓市民廣泛參與公共政策形成的過程,因為城市是屬於大家的。」 范海索指出,「荷蘭有一項G1000計畫,針對重大公共政策邀請1000位民眾自願參與討論,這是一種開放對話,參與者站在平等基礎上進行對話,共同找出解決方案。這項計畫強調開放、機會均等、主動、公平、社區與責任,這就是鼓勵民眾參與的機制。」 曾多次來台訪問的范海索指出,城市策略聯盟提供彼此互相學習的機會,台北市將主辦2016世界設計之都,恩荷芬市可以提供許多協助,台北也協助恩荷芬中小企業前進大陸市場。 醫療保健科技為恩荷芬強項之一,多位智慧醫療企業負責人來台尋求合作夥伴,打算把最新研發醫療產品原型在台進行測試,以利後續上市推擴。恩荷芬副市長馬莉安指出,「我們強調設計思考,公共政策、產品研發測試過程中需要民眾參與,不斷修正調整,才能達到最理想境界。」 (中國時報) 關鍵字:智慧城市、荷蘭、公共政策 Source:

Event: EBN Congress – 28-30 October 2015 Brussels

As always a good congress to learn about Business Incubation & Acceleration and to meet colleagues from all over the world, such as Taiwan! New Frontiers For European Entrepreneurs The Entrepreneur-Innovator is the cornerstone of the creation and regeneration of economic value. Connect with pioneers of open and networked innovation. Interact with providers of new […]


Taiwan Excellence Showcase opent met meest innovatieve ‘Made in Taiwan’ producten en merken   Made in Taiwan. Iedereen kent het stempel dat op vele producten staat. Maar weten we eigenlijk welke producten en merken uit Taiwan komen? En zijn wij – fietsliefhebbers bij uitstek – ons ervan bewust dat Taiwan bekend staat als “high-end bicycle […]

Succes TalentPitch reaches Taiwan

Harver was approached by a Taiwanese TV reporter who had heard about the success of the TalentPitch and wanted to come to the Netherlands to make a TV special about it. Click here for the result in collaboration with arvato. The Harver special starts at 3.30 minutes. Proud that the TalentPitch even reached Taiwan!

Cooperation enhanced between Taiwan and Europe

SMEA signs MOU to build a platform and speed up incubation cooperation Taiwan Business Day to harness European market potential Under the witness of more than 600 incubation center professionals and guests, the MOEA’s SMEA Director General Johnny YEH and the European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN) Chairman Philippe Vanrie had signed the Joint […]

Human Capital the most important factor of success

Research from the Kaohsiung University in Taiwan did some empirical research into the co-operation between entrepreneur and incubation programme. The research was fuelled by field data from the SIAT incubator at Tainan Science Park.  Based on a statistical model the research team concludes that incubators should, as a minimum requirement, enable Human Capital development, Management […]

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