EBN Taiwan Tour – A fruitful experience for all parties

European Incubator network Studies opportunities in Taiwan

From last 13 to 18 November 2012, EBN was organizing a Study Tour to Leading Incubators & Innovation centers in Taiwan.  This was done with the support of the Taiwan Globalization Network (TGN) and the Chinese Business Incubation Association (CBIA).

This Study Tour was organized around three main events:

  • The signing of a MOU between EBN and SMEA , the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration under the ROC Ministry of Economic Affairs, CBIA & TGN
  • The active participation of EBN in the YES Forum @GEW2012
  • The twinning programme (including the visit of Taiwanese incubators)

Signing of a MOU between EBN, SMEA, CBIA and TGN

Lennard Drogendijk, EBN Vice-President, and Yeh Yuhn-lung, Director General of the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration under the Republic of China Ministry of Economic Affairs, have signed a three-year memorandum of understanding to enhance bilateral collaboration on incubation.

Both sides had already signed a similar memorandum in 2011. This new agreement extends the partnership on business start ups and incubation, academia-industry cooperation and the mixing/matching of business opportunities.

“It will benefit Taiwan in terms of internationalizing our incubation sector”Yeh Yuhn-lung, SMEA Director General  “Through the establishment of a collaborative model, we hope to develop reciprocal markets for enterprises and incubation centres”.Lennard Drogendijk, EBN Vice-President.

The agreement includes:

  1. the opening in Taiwan of the Soft Landing Club to two Taiwanese accredited BICs (National Chiao Tung University International Incubator  and  Chaoyang University of Technology Innovation Incubation Center),
  2. the participation in seminars and international forums held by both sides,
  3. the exchange of information on incubation and industry through appropriate channels;
  4. and the execution of plans that meet the interests of both sides.

Young Entrepreneur Summit

On November 15, Lennard Drogendijk, EBN Vice-President and BIC Friesland Managing Director, Giordano Dichter, Head of Quality & Technical Assistance Dept. in EBN, and Theo Stevens, Director of Brainport Development represented actively the BIC network through various presentations highlighting the opportunities and potentialities of the EBN community not only for internationalization but also in terms of high  qualitative services  thanks to the BIC label accreditation process which is recognized by the European Commission and in public as well as private circles.

Theo Stevens made a presentation on Brainport Development, which was recently accredited by EBN as BIC. Brainport Developmentis a regional development company that by improving the international competitive position of the Brainport Region (South East Brabant in the Netherlands) wants to increase the prosperity and well-being of the region and in this way contribute to making The Netherlands cleaner, safer and more careful and sustainable.  Brainport is especially active in linking public and private activities.

On November 16, Giordano Dichter attended the Young Entrepreneur Summit (YES) Award Ceremony where NCTU- National Chiao Tung University International Incubator was awarded the first prize as Best International Incubator andChaoyang University of Technology Innovation Incubation Centre the second prize for Best female entrepreneurship project. Around 200 innovative Taiwanese companies were participating in the event.

Twinning Programme

In the afternoon of November 16, the twinning programme took place giving the floor to speed dating sessions between European Leading incubators and Taiwanese incubators. After a first generic presentation, each Taiwanese participant dated their European counterparts.  This was followed by a one-hour free encounter enabling them to further discuss potential future collaboration.
The participating EU incubators were: Laval Mayenne Technopole, EUREKA, Inovazentrum CVUT, TÜV, Brainport Development.

The EU delegation had also the opportunity to visit 3 Taiwanese incubators:
•    National Chiao Tung University International Incubator
•    Chaoyang University of Technology Innovation Incubation Center
•    ITRI

source: EBN – News > EBNs Taiwan Tour – A fruitful experience for all parties.


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