Taiwan Business Day 2013 in The Hague!

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Do you own or manage a small or medium sized company, and are you considering opportunities abroad? Meet your potential business partner and support organization for Taiwan and the Far East! Special focus on young innovative  SMEs like VANMOOF bicycles represented by Taco Carlier that will share his experience on doing business in Taiwan.

We have an exciting free program planned for May 27 at the World Trade Centre starting at 12:15.  Pre-registration is required and on a first-come basis. 


Why Taiwan?

Taiwan is world leader in many innovative technologies, and its companies continue to stay on top of new developments. Taiwan and The Netherlands have a lot in common, with a long trading history going back over 400 years.  Both are internationally renowned as trading nations, and the business gateway to their regions. Both Dutch and Taiwanese business leaders will show how they have managed to enter new markets in collaboration with local partners.

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday, May 27, in The Hague!

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  1. Tanie Wczasy

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about doing business in Taiwan.


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