Save the Date: ‘Space Roadshow: Taiwan-Europe Space-Connected Business Opportunities for You (April 21 – 22 , 2021)’

On April 21 – 22, 2022, TGN, Tiger Accelerator & SpaceSeed will be hosting the online Space Roadshow: Taiwan-Europe Space-Connected Business Opportunities for You (台歐太空相關產業商機說明會). 

As a follow-up to the previous Taiwan-Europe Space Connection webinar, the Space Roadshow will feature more in-depth insights, analysis and clarifications on the existing pathways for space-connected entrepreneurs to expand their operations between Taiwan and Europe. After a few presentations, the key elements of the event will be the 30’ face-to-face visioconference meetings between experts in space technologies and business incubation, and entrepreneurs, students and corporate companies, to discuss the possibility in Taiwan to either create a ‘space-connected’ start-up, or introduce a space technology in existing products/services, or consider the scaling-up and growth in Europe.

Speakers at the Roadshow include Bruno Naulais, the co-founder and former manager of the Network of European Space Business Incubation Centers at the European Space Agency (ESA BIC), and Philippe Lattes, a seasoned engineering expert and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the European space technology sector, who is also the project manager at ESA BIC Sud France.  Space sector business leaders from Taiwan (TBA) will also be speaking at the event.

The key themes covered at the Space Roadshow will include:

  • Raising awareness for Taiwanese students in business schools, universities, engineering schools, on the applications and opportunities offered by the space technologies and systems to develop business cases: how to create a ‘space-connected start-up’.
  • Opportunities for Taiwan’s tech-entrepreneurship ecosystems: how to enhance their deal-flow by sourcing space-connected entrepreneurs and start-ups in existing incubators in Taiwan, by collaborating with European counterparts.
  • European opportunities for Taiwanese companies already developing space-connected products and services: how to scale-up and to grow in Europe and enter European markets.
  • European opportunities for Taiwanese companies with the potential for space connection: how Taiwanese and European space technologies & space service providers can add value to your company’s offerings.

The face-to-face meetings will lead to follow-up actions including supporting the creation of new start-ups, sourcing the deal flow in Taiwanese incubators, ‘plugging’ space technologies in existing products/services, planning soft-landing campaigns in Europe,… 

For Taiwanese companies interested in the European space-connected market, the Space Roadshow can provide much valuable information. 

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