Taiwan Business Day 2014 in Rotterdam

Schrijf je in voor de 3e Taiwan Business Day op 23 juni 2014 – Science Tower Rotterdam, vanaf 12:15 Speciaal thema dit jaar: “Hoe softlanding programmas MKB-ers helpen buitenlandse markten te veroveren” Heb je een klein of middelgroot bedrijf en zie je kansen in het buitenland? Ontmoet je potentiele business partner en dienstverleners die je […]

VANMOOF launches ‘Electrified’

Taco Carlier announced this already during Taiwan Business Day 2013 in The Hague, where he showcased his cooperation with Taiwanese companies. The Electric VANMOOF. And the good thing is; you can’t see that electric systems have been integrated. Check out this video .. or their website: http://vanmoof.com/electrified/

Start on the Right Foot with Flyfit – the First Ankle Tracker for Fitness and More – TechView Asia

Start on the Right Foot with Flyfit – the First Ankle Tracker for Fitness and More Flyfit, the first Taiwanese startup ever featured on KickStarter, was founded by a husband-and-wife team Jimmy Leu and Beatrice Chu. The idea started when Beatrice, a fitness-enthusiast, demanded for a wearable fitness device that could track and monitor ALL her physical activities. As […]

Taiwanese startups shine at Echelon competition

aiwanese startups had a strong showing at a competition held at tech conference Echelon 2013 in Singapore today, with an innovative Chinese-English translation app Waygo winning the “Most Promising Startup” award. Out of the 10 startups that presented, three originated from Taiwan — Waygo is one of them. Waygo allows users to simply hover their […]

For smaller startups in Taiwan, co-working is the way to go

Entrepreneurs can rent office space shared with other startups at Guangfu 102. (Credit: Gary Wu/CNET Asia) Startups, Internet and software startups specifically, have never really been a big thing in Taiwan. Taiwan is most well-known for its hardware manufacturing prowess. For startups in software and consumer Internet field, aside from a few Web 1.0 pioneers […]

International Business from the start

Traditionally most new technology firms first focus on the domestic market and then internationalize slowly, one stage at a time. They become global by emergence, not by design. Recent evidence suggests that the conventional phased approach to internationalization that is widely used to grow new firms is not working as well as it used to. […]

Born Global, Cambridge research identifies

Most multinational companies – such as BT, Microsoft, Matsushita and Siemens – grew big in their home markets before they went overseas. More recently, a number of newer companies (mostly small- and medium-sized enterprises) have gone international within a few years of inception, even while quite small and unknown at home. Furthermore, these so-called “born globals” rapidly […]

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